Funny wedding

What does it take for you to organize a funny wedding? Well, we think that actually there’s nothing into it…. The only thing is to really want something like this. You’re going to receive all the useful hints from our article here and we’re certain that you’re going to find all the pieces of information useful.

First of all, an interesting idea that would definitely make the two of you look funny is that you adopt some suits that imitate fairytale characters or cartoons or even your favorite movie. You should do this in case you really want to look gorgeous and special in the same time.

The costumes aren’t the only things that you can apply for. There are also some other ideas and details that are going to seem useful as well: you have to adorn the tables, the chairs and adapt the flower arrangements and decorations to the theme.

funny wedding

Also, you can arrange a traditional wedding with traditional costumes and stuff like that. You can buy them from small towns and from the country side, because there are some people that produce them, they can get really expensive if you don’t search attentively!
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If you have a friend that works at the theatre or anybody known there, you can rent some costumes and this will definitely make your wedding funny. In case you want to be special in that particular day, you really have to thing of something weird to apply for in your wedding day.

We were speaking about weird details and elements. Well, it seems that we’ve got some suggestions as well: like wearing a kooky wedding dress, or a pair of sneakers to the really elegant looking satin dress with flower embroidery or we don’t know what details. Also, you can apply for a strange accessory in the hair and so on…. The décor is also a great part: it’s interesting to see it arranged with all kinds of kooky elements and after all, that’s the effect you want.

You have to know about that couple in England that made their wedding accordingly to the cartoons The Flintstones. They were dressed exactly like the main couple in the cartoon series and the others as well. Let’s also mention about the dinosaurs and other good looking details. Indeed, some great looking details that we’re certain they felt really happy to apply for.

You can make your wedding accordingly to your favorite song. Play it in the wedding day and make all the people participating at the wedding to dance on it: it’s indeed an interesting thing to make.

The setting is also important if you want a funny wedding. You can do it in a supermarket, in the middle of the street or no matter where you want. Everything is possible in your wedding day.