Great ideas for a romantic wedding theme

It’s summer, it’s hot outside and the best way to celebrate this season is to let yourself get carried away by all that it has to offer to you. Also, the elements that are used in the wedding reception should totally express the way you are and in the same time, you can play with ideas and elements that are specific to this gorgeous season in which we encounter ourselves. There are other themes that can derive from that of summer, think of the marine, beach, color or flower themes and there are many more to be taken into account.

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Great ideas for a romantic wedding theme

It might seem really easy to get carried away with the wedding planning procedures and let us not omit that we’re speaking about the bridal day. This means that you have to recall firstly to yourself and then to the wedding attendants that this is a celebration for your bridal day and you can add with ease some personal touches!
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We were thinking that it’s a way great idea to take into account a romantic wedding theme for such an event, because it totally suits with the element that can derive from this warm season and let us not forget that you can easily adapt it to summer.

A romantic wedding theme would totally be suitable for such an event that takes place during the middle of the summer and let us also add that you don’t need the use of too many details for realizing it. The fresh and warm air and the breeze all around is what makes the difference and permits you to easily organize a wedding with a romantic tone.

Pick a location that has a special significance to both of you. Think of the place you have met and organize the religious ceremony there, if the wedding reception isn’t possible to take place. The place is essential if you want to make the difference in the big day. For some, this place that you have chosen isn’t very important, but for you it is charged with symbols and you surely understand why you have made this choice.

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Great ideas for a romantic wedding theme

Also, if you were brought up in the same place; pick a wedding reception salon that is next to this spot or even in your backyard. Or maybe the restaurant where you have met for the first time, this can be a way good place for the two of you and for making the wedding there.

Here’s another thing that you can do during your romantic wedding and it will totally be notable, be sure of this matter: you can dedicate each one a poem and read it out loud as wedding vows, but make sure that it is written by the two of you. This poem should reflect your feelings and it can help you declare eternal love, because after all you’re married until death separates you. This will certainly make the guests pour some tears.

The toast can also be romantic if you make it and if you think of the tiny details, like applying for pink champagne or a rose bubble wine. And this does not end here! Choose to serve cream and strawberries as desert.

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Great ideas for a romantic wedding theme

You know very well that the small details are the ones that make the difference, don’t you?

Another element that ought to make the difference is the music. Yes, if you choose the appropriate music, then certainly the atmosphere is going to be the right one. This means picking a band that can characterize the two of you, or simply think of the songs that mean something to you as a couple. The jolly atmosphere can be continued by the DJ or the orchestra. Remember that live music is the one that creates a special feeling!

What characterizes more romanticism than candles? For this matter, we recommend you to place candles on the tables and this can definitely make the difference in your event. Besides the fact that you can use such details as wedding favors, you can also place them here and there in your wedding reception room. The diffuse light will totally create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.

The tables in the wedding reception room cannot have only numbers on them, but they can be called accordingly to some romantic movies, which you enjoy seeing together. Why calling briefly “table number 9”, when you can apply for a name like Gone with the Winds?