Yellow for your wedding reception

If you really want to have a special bridal day, you can make the difference through the wedding reception décor for which you apply for – you certainly will make it memorable. Try to get out of patterns at the level of the colors, don’t imitate other wedding receptions that you might have attended and adorn your location in an original manner. Make sure that your bridal day is all about warmth and combine good thoughts with a great well of being and feeling. In order to realize this thing: to make the difference and to be unique, we recommend you to take into account yellow for the wedding reception.
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The wedding reception venue all dressed in white seems a dazzling idea and you can choose to apply for different elements by using details made of paper. The idea is to collaborate with an origami artist, or you can play with ideas with the help of your bridesmaids – in this way you are able to create decorations that are made of colored paper. Hang the paper arrangements made of paper on your ceiling and the atmosphere created will be a unique one. If you decide to use only yellow for your decorations, then you can combine yellow tones with vivid colors, such as pink, orange or even red – the visual effect in your wedding reception will be dazzling.

yellow for your wedding receptionCredit
Yellow for your wedding reception

The bridal bouquet is another source of yellow in your wedding flower arrangements, as well as the bridesmaids’ bouquets – these can be easily transformed into touches of color. With such a big variety of flowers that can be encountered in the warm season, a bride can pick a multitude of yellow blooms from which she can compose the bouquet. For a classic wedding you can pick roses, which will be forever in trend. Think of how many wedding flower arrangements you can realize, because there are so many flowers that can be encountered in yellow tones.

As for the centerpieces and the wedding flower bouquets make sure you place some big flower blossoms of orchids that are tall and transparent. You do not have to spend too much on the flowers and we assure you that there will be so many wedding decorations that you just cannot imagine and they’re really dazzling in the same time.

Yellow for your wedding receptionCredit
Yellow for your wedding reception

The wedding cake can also be a source of yellow tones in your wedding reception. He can look and be tasty wrapped around with fondue or marzipan and attracting everybody’s eyes with an electric tone. If you do not want to limit yourself at the level of wedding cake, you can apply for an entire table filled with yellow sweets and of course don’t forget to add yellow flower arrangements. A great idea to evidence your “yellow” pick, it would be a great idea to place the sweets in dishes of contrasting tone, such as black, brown, violet or purple(these are quite complementary).

The bride isn’t the only one that can brighten up the wedding reception with her choice at the level of clothing. The groom can make the same thing with the help of yellow accessories. Your future husband can wear a grey costume, that he can make shine with a yellow tie. In this manner, you will balance the two tones and you are not going to create such a powerful contrast. For a more playful effect, the groom can pick a bow tie in tones of yellow or a stylized flower.

Also, the bridesmaids can wear yellow bridesmaid dresses with ease and the great thing is that they can find lots of dresses realized in tone. The same stays for the flower girls. So, you can easily pick gowns for these participants in your wedding. Don’t forget that for their gowns they should totally have with them matching flower arrangements as to make the look complete.

The other fields in which you can easily play with yellow tones are the table wraps, as well as those used on the chairs. Certainly, it’s an interesting visual effect that will be created, but in the same time you have to make sure that you do not exaggerate with the yellow details too much, because you can end up with a wedding reception that looks too yellow and so, you are not very pleased with what you have obtained.

Don’t forget that you can also use variations of yellow in your wedding reception and arrangements. This is a good idea in case you want to make the difference and don’t remain on the same color pattern in your ceremony. No matter on what details you decide, make sure that you did not exaggerate with the details used.