Weddings in chariots

The vintage trends seem to be more and more popular and in what concerns the domains of weddings they have a special charm. If you’re thinking of organizing a fairytale wedding then it’s necessary to apply for a mean of transport that carries you from your home to the church and it’s a part of the décor in the same time. If you’ve chosen a fairytale wedding dress with a long train and a veil and your partner wears a special vintage costume then it means that you’re a part of that story. You’re going to feel like a part of a story and you’re going to be in your own fairytale, real this time….

weddings in chariots

It’s going to be a real pleasure to stroll on the streets with your wavy hair carried by the wind and all the people surrounding you are going to admire you for your courage and the imagination you have for introducing in your wedding frame a chariot. You can choose a chariot accordingly to your taste. It isn’t hard at all, but with a simple search on the internet you’re going to find lots of firms which are specialized in such details.
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You only have to choose the model of the chariot and to be willing to pay this favor (which is kind of expensive in the same time and the price can go up to 1000 Euros). In this price you’re going to have at your disposal studs that are going to bring you at the right place and a person to lead the chariot. If your style is appropriate with the elegance of your town in its old periods then a vintage chariot is definitely a must have for your wedding.

weddings in chariots 2

Don’t forget that you can enter in the skin of ladies that used to walk around with an umbrella made of white lace and you can apply for a pair of lace gloves as well. You have to discuss before with the firm from which you’ve rented the chariot and tell them in what exactly you want the leader of the chariot to be dressed in and what’s the motif and theme of your wedding.

weddings in chariots 3

So, you have to think well at an appropriate suit, because you wouldn’t want the one that leads it to be the one that’s spoiling a great party, in which you and the groom are dressed vintage and he’s wearing something really modern. This is not going to be a great thing at all, so pay attention to how you discuss with the firm, if they have such costumes for their employers, in order not to charge your head with this aspect. It’s important that everything is organized in a perfect manner.