Purses for the wedding day

We always want to present to you only the newest stuff whenever it comes to fashion and all the things related to a wedding day. We’re certain that you may have a general idea in what concerns the accessories and all that surrounds the big day. You should know that the accessories that we decided to present to you today are designer purses and we’re certain that you’re going to fall in love with them instantly. Let’s also mention that these can be kind of expensive, but as we mentioned several times before, you can definitely apply for wearing them in the big day and in others as well.

We start with this Gucci purse, which is made of leather in black and purple tones. Also, you can observe nice patterns on the surface of the purse and how shiny these are. Being made like an envelope you can observe a metallic hardware detail in the front side as closure and we’re definite that you’re going to see like us, how these cope gorgeously together.

purses for the wedding day

The other purse we want to mention about and can be applied for in the wedding day is definitely this one…. So, it’s made in a black tone with all kinds of beads on it, these are not glittery and we’re sure that you’re going to find them gorgeous looking. In the superior side you can observe golden hardware as closure and all these elements seem to cope together into a gorgeous manner. No more to say! We just hope that you like this Halston Heritage purse as much as we do.

purses for the wedding day 2

The next purse we want to mention about and we’re sure that you’re going to love it as well…. It’s a Judith Leiber creation and it’s made in black and white and in shiny details. Let’s highlight that it’s conceived under the shape of an animal and you can observe the interesting closure element in one side of this purse. All these details cope into creating a gorgeous accessory, which we’re sure you’re going to love wearing in the big day as well.

purses for the wedding day 3

The next designer purse we want you to take into account for the big day is definitely this one and it’s made in an interesting manner. So, it’s designed with the help of a black and shiny fabric and it’s made in different tiered details in the superior side.

purses for the wedding day 4

Let’s also mention that this purse has the shape of a trapeze and you can observe glittery and shiny details on the superior side. No more to say! We’re just sure you’re going to love applying for this Judith Leiber purse in the wedding day.