Two color combinations with style for the wedding reception

For an ideal wedding reception you need to think even from the start of what color combinations you would like to apply for. The colors in a wedding include the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding reception salon with all its adornments and wedding flower arrangements, the wedding cake and let us not forget of course, some little details that may be attached to your bridal gown.

For those who fear of daring too much, we have thought of presenting some of the most popular color combinations for wedding receptions, which may seem useful in the end for creating a contour of your marvelous event – the bridal day.
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The most common colors that are used in wedding receptions are blue, white and the jewelry tones – some denote freshness, others indicate a high style, a really elegant one and you can be sure that with such “patterns” you are not going to fail.

These being said, here are some of the suggestions that we would like you to take into account for a more classic and refined wedding reception, but with really modern touches in the same time.

The combination with white and green

This is a thrilling and interesting combination of tones, which denotes good taste in the same time. An important thing to add is the fact that these two combined together will offer the impression of freshness and a really gorgeous touch in the same time. Think of playing with these two at the level of the wedding flower arrangements, the dresses for the flower girl and the bridesmaids, the wedding invitations, as well as in the field of the wedding cake. Be sure that you ought to make the difference and look great with such a choice.

combinations with style for the wedding receptionCredit
Combinations with style for the wedding reception

Also, the combination ought to look dazzling, especially if you decide to take your wedding reception in an open air wedding venue, which is all about grass and you being surrounded by grass and fresh plants.

For a more vivid and interesting combination try combining green with violet and cream

This is another dazzling blending of tones and it can be exploited at its maximum as well. Take into consideration the buffet that can be represented by foods that are all about vegetables and of course, be the clear expression of a green tone.

Also, the wedding invitations can be designed in an interesting manner, throughout the use of violet and cream, but this means to take into account these two even from the beginning – before even choosing the wedding reception salon.

Other playful grounds involve the wedding cake, which can be easily designed in violet and cream or green with cream – for this matter, you should think of flower attachments and applications, which ought to make your summer wedding even greater looking.

Of course, we forgot to mention that these classic combinations ought to serve for being used in your wedding reception that can take place in an open air wedding venue or even in a wedding reception salon that has wide windows – in other words, for a summer wedding theme.

The bridesmaid dresses can be made in different colors, such as violet or green and even cream. You can ask the bride to each wear a different color bridesmaid dress. There’s another variant, a really risky one: in which the bridesmaids can wear dresses that are designed in all these three tones together, but if it seems too much for you, then get back to the original idea.

The wedding flower arrangements can be made with lots of green, but in the same time, you can create a unique view if you add here and there touches of violet and cream as well. You should not worry at this level, because there is a multitude of possibilities that you can take into consideration and there are multiple flowers that have these tones – so you can create diversity throughout these.

The sweets in your wedding reception can be made in a playful manner as well. We were thinking of small muffins that can be realized in different tone glazes and with delicious toppings, but in the same time it would really be useful to apply for small other cakes or sweets that look fancy and cute and through which you can make the difference.

Combinations with style for the wedding receptionCredit
Combinations with style for the wedding reception

In the night time, the wedding reception area ought to look amazing, because if you add lanterns with a war light, similarly to a cream tone, then the entire bridal party ought to be memorable! As you can see, it isn’t difficult to make the difference throughout the colors that you use, sometimes they can be classic and the only important thing is to know how to use them in order to confer them a modern air.