Tips for an unforgettable wedding

You simply adore weddings, don’t you? From the simplest ones to the most extravagant event, they all have their charm! How can you realize an unforgettable wedding? Here are some tips for an unforgettable wedding!

The open air wedding in your backyard….

No matter if we’re speaking of how the wedding takes place or how you can save money, the weddings that take place in an open air space are in most of the cases really successful events. Some of the advantages of an open air wedding in your backyard is that you can adorn it in any way you want and you can choose the drinks and menu as you want it and nothing is prohibited, and instantaneously your guests are going to feel more relaxed.

tips for an unforgettable wedding

It’s the perfect location if you’re going away for a honeymoon, due to the fact that your parents and friends are going to clean up the mess for you. Also, it eliminates the risk of costing too much.

If there’s something that goes out of patterns then this is the moment in which you cut the cake, if you want to be popular and different you don’t have to have a standard cake. Mix different styles of cake and associate the cake with the wedding theme. If your wedding doesn’t have a theme then you should create a special one for the cake.

The handmade invitations are in trend for some time now. It’s the time of brining handmade products at another level. You can take your own flowers for bouquets and arrangements or you can place your initials on wine glasses and you can also make your own wine, adding a personal touch to the wedding. So, buy invitations realized handmade and use your creativity in making food, cake, gifts or even the wine.

Who hasn’t admired at least once in his lifetime the beauty of the feathers of a peacock? Taking advantage only of the colors, the blue cobalt and shiny, green emerald and profound. There is not doubt that this theme is going to transform your event in something indeed special.

tips for an unforgettable wedding 2

Many of the couples from nowadays want to leave away the traditional look of a suit and they want their personalities to be reflected in the suits and clothes that they’re wearing. Some of them want to wear Converse sneakers and maybe a pair or skinny jeans to their caps. We’ve observed cases in which a groom has been seen wearing in the big day a costume that showed the name of his favorite football team.

Romantic people are always going to be trendy! An ordinary wedding around the elements dear to you are going to be for sure one that many people are going to recall. From wearing the wedding dress of the mother to using the grandparent’s rings – everything has a sentimental value, a really important one. This means that you’re going to save a fortune. What a great idea!

You can make a special place for taking pictures, where everybody can go and pose or you can ask the photographer to use special effects for the photos. While the years pass the photos are going to sustain your memories more.