Six rules for a successful wedding reception

At the level of the wedding songs and the part with the entertainment in your wedding day you know pretty well that there is much work to do. We were thinking that you need some pieces of advice and some information that can turn out to be useful in case you need some extra hints for making the wedding reception a big success.

Certainly, the wedding reception will turn out to be a bash in case you are fully aware of all your guests needs and you make them move. These being asserted, how about we offer you some hints on how to make your wedding guests feel in their ease?!
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Rule number one: space is important

Certainly, it has happened to you in different occasions: you have tried to dance and you totally felt like doing it, because the music was so inspiring, but there wasn’t necessary space for doing it. For this matter, there is the need of getting a salon that has enough space for your guests to feel comfortable and to dance all night long. It’s important that after you know the exact number of guests you rent a space that is directly proportional to your party people.

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Wedding reception

Rule number two: keep your guests entertained even from the very beginning

O.k, some of your attendants can consider the religious ceremony kind of boring, but in the same time it is followed by a cocktail party. This “reunion” is important for further entertainment of your guests. If they feel great now, they will certainly dance all night long and be cheerful and after all, this is all that you want, isn’t that right?

If the idea of a cocktail does not seem to suit you well enough, then there’s always the option of a chill party with jazz music or chilling songs, or even an orchestra and cocktails with a little bit of alcohol in them, because you want all the people to be just jolly at the wedding reception!

Rule number three: variety in the musical genres

Even if there is a particular style that is liked the most in the latest time, this doesn’t mean that you have to rely only on it. We would like to recall you that there are all kinds of people attending your wedding reception and with various tastes when it comes to music. This being said, how about mixing all kinds of genres in the wedding reception and make sure in this way that everybody is going to be pleased and remain happy after your big day.

So, it would really be a great idea to introduce in your wedding reception some songs that are dated even from the period of your grandparents – this will offer your party a romantic and really open air.

Rule number four: let the guest pick some songs (or see it as a suggestion)

This is a really interesting idea; don’t you see it in this way? Well, certainly you have to be prepared in due time and this means that you have to have cards with the names of the songs and make sure that they are of all types and genres. Place a card on each table and let your guests pick the song – in this way there will be created a cheerful atmosphere and filled with joy in the bridal day.

There’s also the opposite suggestion of this idea: placing cards with songs that probably your guests don’t want to hear or ask them to offer you a name. It’s indeed annoying when such a song is played, but we have got an entertaining idea for you: give the names to the band or orchestra and in this way they will play such a song a little bit and then continue with the suggestion offered primarily.

Rule number five: don’t extend your dances too much

As “evil” as it may seem, we recommend you to keep your dances short, just enough for your attendants to admire you and observe you with attention. If you have a favorite song on which you want to dance on, then very well, play it, but don’t extend it to such a level as to having a duration of nine minutes and really annoying your guests, it’s indeed romantic, but not well enough.

Rule number six: think of an original act

When we say original act, we were thinking you should invite a dancing crew or some important names on the musical scene just for playing one song. This sounds indeed expensive, but few are the chances for the wedding reception not to be recalled with all these entertaining acts and really original in the same time!