Suggestions for wedding outfits

We were talking yesterday or some days ago about that ceremony at the City Hall where you must adopt a different outfit and it doesn`t necessarily need to be white, in case of the bride. For the groom it`s another story, because we all know that the groom`s suit can adopt many themes, motifs or patterns! We`ll continue with some suggestions for the last article….


The bride can have a black long dress made of chiffone of silk and manually applied embroideries! It can have floral or glittery embroideries, it doesn`t matter, it only matters that she looks dazzling in that outfit! For the grrom we recommend a black suit with a red collar! The trousers are made of wool and velvet, the jacket of black velvet, the bow tie is made of silk and the elegant shirt must be in white nuance! Oh, another thing that needs to be mentioned regards the bride: her shoes must be with high heels and must be type sandals!
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The next suggestion has as basic the eternal and fascinating black! the bride`s dress is made of triple veil of silk with red floral applications and high heeled sandals! The groom has a black suit, smoking with trousers in made of silk in black nuance! He also wears an elegant white shirt with a black bow tie!


Another combination can be this one: a beige dress for her (made of silk and with floral embroideries and crystal applications, the dress may have a short trail) and for him a black and purple suit! The created effect is simply wonderful because the two outfits seem to match each other perfectly! The groom wears underneath the redingote a gray shiny and elegant shirt with many black buttons applied! The two that will choose this combination will look dazzling together!

As usual, we start with her dress! A conic gown with combinations of embroidered tulle and silk! The combination of colors is silver and black and the high heeled sandals seem to match perfect with this combination! The groom wears a black costume with an elegant white shirt and a silver normal tie! The simplicity is what makes this combination look so good! Let`s also mention that the bride`s dress has floral applications on it, it`s really important!

The next combination regards a satin silk dress, very long with pink floral applications! The dress looks so great on a woman`s body! It is so great and it doesn`t have a deep cleavage! Don`t worry! The groom wears a black, wool suit with a silk elegant shirt in white nuance and the tie is in pink or gray nuance, it depends on his taste!


The final suggestion can describe itself by only one word: colors! The bride wears a wonderful dress with floral applications on it in black color as basic and the flowers in red, blue and green! She wears a pair of high heeled sandals in silvery nuance! The groom wears a black suit with a white elegant shirt and a red long tie!