Wedding accessories for brides and bridesmaids

The wedding accessories are really important, because sometimes (always) they make the “imagery” of a bridal day complete. Even if we are speaking of a necklace that the bride ought to wear or a scarf that is attached to the bridesmaid’s dress we think that such details are important and they should not be omitted in the wedding ceremony.
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A great idea seemed to us, to suggest to you some of the wedding accessories that we find essential in the bridal day and which you cannot do sometimes.

The bridesmaid purse

The bridesmaid purse is a wedding accessory that is designed to hide the bride’s secrets. If you ask us, we find this piece essential sometimes, because you simply do not know what the bride will need during the wedding ceremony. What details and accessories you can hide in such a bag? Well, you certainly need to put there a lipstick in case the bride does not have a resistant one on, some hairpins, if the wind is not so friendly in the bridal day, some napkins if emotions make her burst in tears and so on…. As you can observe, such a wedding accessory can be considered primordial in the bridal day, because it lets you hide in it some of the most efficient secrets for a lady.

bridesmaid purseCredit
Bridesmaid purse

The bridesmaid purse can be encountered in various shapes, colors and dimensions and when you purchase it make sure that you match its model/color and fabric with that of the bridesmaid dress.

Flowers made of fabric

Such wedding accessories can be used both by the bridesmaids and the bride – not together, but separately, of course. So, such details can be attached anywhere on the surface of the dress, on the neckline, on the waistline or even on the skirt and on the bridesmaid purse as well. Also, you can place it on a bracelet and use it as a fancy detail. As you can observe, there are many use that can be offered to these wedding accessories. The great thing is that these can be designed in whatever color you want and in what tone you wish and in the same time these are really cheap.

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Wedding flowers


We were mentioning something in the beginning concerning pieces of jewelry. Well, we’re back with this special category and the wedding accessories also include in them brooches, which may not seem of great use for some, but an essential detail for others. Of course, the main thing that matters concerns the material from which these are realized. If we’re speaking about a wedding accessory that is designed of rhinestones, then you should totally buy multiple such models and ask each bridesmaid to wear one. But if it’s made of precious stones and if it’s really valuable, then we totally suggest you, as the bride, to attach this wedding accessory to your bridal gown and in this way you will be offered a special and unique look.

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Wedding accessories for brides and bridesmaids

Sometimes it’s a little detail, like this one that makes the difference and if it’s designed in precious stones, then you certainly will look different in comparison with other brides.

The belts

Even if we are speaking of the brides or the bridesmaids, belts seem to confer a totally new look to a dress. Place a piece of ribbon all around the waistline, underneath the breasts and you will observe just how great it will emphasize your feminine shapes and in this way you will look slimmer.

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Wedding accessories for brides and bridesmaids

Shawls as wedding accessories

Although they may not seem suitable for being used as wedding accessories, shawls can turn out to be pretty useful if you ask us, especially during the night time in an open air wedding venue. We recommend you to apply for such a shawl in case you want to cover your shoulders during the cold night and you are a bridesmaid. The same suggestion we have for the bride, although it may not be considered such an elegant option for the bride.

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Wedding accessories for brides and bridesmaids

The wedding jewelry

We left this last part to be discussed, because this is the vastest of them all. In the wedding jewelry, we include the bridal jewelry and the bridesmaid jewelry. Also, these include each the category of hair accessories, necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings.

Each of the above mentioned pieces of jewelry seem to us essential in adorning a gown or emphasizing some of the physical features you have. Of course, you will not be able to wear these all together, but certainly if you take into account combining them in an appropriate manner, you will obtain nice results both as the bride or bridesmaids.

Also, you can do great tricks with the help of the pieces of jewelry you have on. These don’t have to be valuable to create a nice visual impact on you.