New things about your ring pillows

Even though ring bearer pillows are not fashionable any more, because the bride and the groom charge somebody else, for instance the best man and the maid of honour, with the task of carrying the wedding rings, there are still a few persons who preserve the tradition of having their ring carried by a boy on some beautiful pillows.
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If you want something classic for your wedding, you could go for those adorable little cushions of different colors, shapes, sizes and materials. You will see that if you will customize these according to your preferences or your wedding theme then you will certainly not fail to impress. As a result add some flowers, if you choose to emphasize the beauty of these natural elements at your wedding or some ribbons for a more elegant appearance.

New things about your ring pillows - wedding ring pillowsCredit
Wedding ring pillow

For a rustic wedding you could purchase a pillow made of canvas bag and accessorised with fine natural and dried flowers. For an autumnal wedding, the best option would be a cushion filled with copper-coloured leaves. Whereas, if you choose to accentuate a marine theme a cushion accessorized with shells and starfish may be the appropriate ring pillow.

New things about your ring pillows  - Wedding ring pillowCredit
Wedding ring pillow

However, if you are more into the vintage items, then you will be pleased to find out that this style has become trendy in terms of ring pillows, too. So, if you are interested, then you should go ahead and buy some pillows accessorized with cameo, feathers and even brooches. Besides that you should know that this style is very suitable for elegant and glamorous weddings.

New things about your ring pillows - Wedding ring pillowCredit
Wedding ring pillow

If you are a princess like bride and you desire a fairy tale wedding, well the appropriate ring pillow for you is one taking the shape of a carriage. The good thing about these pillows is the fact that they are also practical, the bride being able to use this item after the wedding, as a jewellery case.

And another option for beach weddings is the fact that you may purchase a ring pillow portraying a shell, which will definitely fit like a glove. Also, if you happen to find a sunflower pillow, feel free to buy it, because it will be the right one for your autumn nuptials.

In case you decide to purchase the traditional ring pillows, instead of charging one of your bridesmaids and groomsmen with the carrying of these valuable items, it turns out that you have many models to choose from.