Pick a pair of gloves for the wedding day

An elegant and special bridal element, a pair of gloves for the wedding day is the one that makes the difference in your outfit. No matter if you opt for a classical model for something more avant-gardist that pair of gloves is something that can’t miss from your outfit.
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We don’t know for sure, but the fact that you can’t wear a pair of gloves to any outfit, but a bride who has worn satin gloves is going to recall forever the moment in which she got married.

gloves for the wedding day

This is why we thought it would be a great idea to present to you some models that are extremely in trend this year. Choose them with attention and pay attention to whom and where you throw away the gloves.

The first model that we want to suggest to you is short and avant-gardes!

A special wedding dress deserves an appropriate pair and you’re going to be special wearing a pair of satin gloves and with a lace or tulle detail. Accordingly to the material from which you choose the wedding dress you can opt for colored bands of material instead of the classical pearl bracelet or of pearls.

Short and made of satin!

It’s said that nothing can overpass the minimalist style when it comes to elegance and we simply can’t deny it. The short satin gloves made can change your outfit entirely.

gloves for the wedding day 2

Short and transparent!

If you want to confer a plus of refinement to your outfit opt for a pair of transparent gloves that emphasizes your hands’ gorgeous features. You can wear even a statement ring over them if you’re courageous enough.

gloves for the wedding day 3

Long and made of satin!

Want to be an Audrey Hepburn of our times? Then you urgently need a pair of long gloves that passes over your elbows. Opt for simple details like ribbons or bows at the basis.

gloves for the wedding day 4

Long and refined!

Even if you’re going to wear a simple and sleeveless wedding dress or with straps you can offer them a distinct tone wearing lace gloves that are extremely long, over the elbow. This details is going to help you create a double effect – making the outfit look longer and the illusion of sleeves.

gloves for the wedding day 5

Long and special!

You never seem to like the gloves because through them you couldn’t get in contact with other things? Well, at your wedding day you can apply for wearing gloves without fingers – you’re going to have the outfit you’ve always dreamed of and the daily comfort that you need in a day that can seem really stressful.

Make sure that the pair of gloves you decide to apply for is really suitable and that the visual effect that you want to create is indeed obtained through the pair you decide to wear.