Things you should know about your civil and religious marriage

You want to be a prepared couple, and this is not to blame, on the contrary this a responsible and clever thing, which every bride and groom should take care of. A thing which we wanted to clarify with you is the planning of your religious and civil ceremony, because these are important things, which you must take care of. Therefore, if you worry about this aspect, you have come in the right place, because we desire to help you and to offer many solutions to your problems.

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First of all, if you do not want a religious ceremony, you should not have one. To be more precise these ceremonies are not obligatory, just those who really believe that God will protect their new life together get married in a church or require the presence of a priest, in case they want their communion to be celebrated outdoor.

Things you should know about your civil and religious marriageCredit
Things you should know about your civil and religious marriage

If you have always dreamt about getting married in a church, then you should know that you must speak with the priest six or eight months prior to your wedding ceremony, in order to ask them when could he officiate your religious ceremony. You should ask if there would be possible to decorate a little bit the place, i.e. to have some flower arrangements, for a more natural and fresh décor.

Also, you should find a church close to your house or your wedding restaurant. In this way, you will have a great easiness to move around, from your house to your church, or form the church to the restaurant. If every location will be far away, you will spend more time on the road than partying with your friends. Therefore, try to find the best location for your wedding, in order to avoid such bad moments.

As far as your civil marriage is concerned, you could call an offciant at your place and held this beautiful process in the comfort of your house. However, you could also opt for the possibility of having a City Hall wedding. In this way everything will develop easier and all will end up faster. But, you should go and talk to someone from the City Hall, one or two months before your big day.

A very common thing for the bride and groom nowadays is to have the civil marriage before the religious one and before their wedding reception. In this way they won’t be stressed out, because they have so many things to do in such a short time. Therefore, you should think about this possibility, too and you will realize that getting married is not as difficult as you thought.

All in all, make sure to prepare these important things sooner, so that everything will go fine and smooth on your big day.