Weddings on bicycles

It can seem kind of weird, but in the last period we’ve observed such a trend that in the wedding frame you can observe a bicycle as well. It’s an idea that sounds goofy, but it’s more and more popular, at least in the Western side. In many movies there’s a bicycle in the décor, and so if you really want to be different in the big day you can apply for this type of element….

First of all you have to suggest to your own husband and see what opinion he has concerning this matter.

weddings on bicycles

It’s more important that your husband is a man strong enough to carry you and the bicycle, you don’t want to offer a funny show to your guests when you fall one on top of the other.
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You could in the case you fear of such a show, to apply for a bicycle with two spots, the long one that you can both manage. It’s safer in this way, although it’s less romantic than the option with the classical bicycle.

Such an idea has a romantic side as well. Think how gorgeous would it be to keep pictures over the years with you too strolling on the bicycle around the guests that seem to be amused pretty much! or think of you moving on a bicycle on a green plain with lots of sun and color… just the two of you and your bicycle as well.

weddings on bicycles 2

Imagine your lover trying to walk on the bicycle and making efforts to succeed as well and you’re in his back side, like a dreamer with the veil in air and with the puffed dress that seems to touch the ground. It would really be a successful show, don’t you think so?

For this matter you don’t need a sophisticated bicycle. You need a normal bicycle, without decorations or any other details, but which needs to be sober a little bit.

You can even attach in the back side of the bicycle a bridal bouquet, which is made of colored flowers, or if you find your bicycle too dull you can apply for adding colored flowers….

weddings on bicycles 3

You can even tie a small and delicate flower. It’s clear that you can appear on a bicycle that is made in dark red or a bicycle that is made with small wheels; because it’s obvious it can’t carry both of you.

Think that you have to take a bicycle that is made exactly on the size of your ruffed and puffed wedding dress! Don’t apply for a mountain bicycle, because you risk spoiling all the charm. You’re not a sporty bride and neither is your partner a sport groom….