4 styles for the bridal day

The style that you decide on for the bridal day should be definitely you! For this matter you need to know yourself pretty well and in the same time ensure that you make up your mind on one of the themes so that you pick the wedding arrangements and the wedding gowns.

We would like to make you aware of four main styles for the bridal day and you have to decide which of these are more for you.
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1. Are you into vintage wedding themes or glamorous ones?

How can you recognize your style as being vintage or glam? Well, are you fond of ancient objects, do you like pieces of décor that are designed more into the 20s, 50s or 60s?

styles for the bridal dayCredit
Styles for the bridal day

Apply for white or black tones and in the same time we recommend you to add a touch of color, such as yellow, green or even purple. In this manner, you make the job of the florist easier and accordingly to the third tone he can design the wedding flower arrangements and the centerpieces.

The suggestions that we have for you: make the table covers and the chair covers in the third tone and place the flower arrangements in ceramic containers.

The dance floor should be wide and spacious and in the same time you can renounce to the idea of a DJ and hire a band or an orchestra that can play the most popular vintage songs that you already love so much.

For this bridal day, we totally recommend you to renounce to the big tables in the wedding reception and make a more of a cocktail party.

The bridesmaids should wear something glamorous, not too pompous and with bateau neckline as well in tea length to focus all the attention on the shoes.

2. Funky and joyful?

Are you the kind of person who is into accessorizing all you wear and your own place as well? You always had a passion for funky designs and pieces of décor and you don’t want your wedding venues to look like an ordinary ceremony? Funky is equal to your personality and here is what we suggest to you:

Apply for colors that you know the rest of the people are afraid of applying for: grey, orange, green, eggplant, yellow, turquoise, but blend these in an appropriate manner.

Styles for the bridal dayCredit
Styles for the bridal day

In case you are wondering what wedding venue to apply for, there’s always the solution consisting in renting your favorite restaurant in town or even a salon of your favorite museum.

Make the wedding reception like a cocktail room with chairs, of course, and apply for a DJ who can mix up with ease your favorite songs.

The wedding décor for the reception should be unique and for this matter you need to think of a movie quote or even your favorite line from a book.

Even if you are more into to funky details and elements, this does not mean that you need to apply for all the colors possible. Stick on maximum three and make sure that they blend perfectly one with the other.

3. Chic?

You always combine details and elements just because they seem to fit together in that way? Think that the same stays for the wedding décor! So, you need to choose tones that are rather playful and for this matter we recommend blue, green, red or yellow – of course, with their matching tones.

Styles for the bridal dayCredit
Styles for the bridal day

The ideal location for such a wedding is definitely a golf area or a country club, spacious enough for your kooky ideas.

For such a bridal day we recommend the use your imagination as much as possible – apply for polka dots, stripes or playful mixtures – for the bridesmaid dresses or in the wedding reception décor.

As for the wedding gowns, here’s a piece of advice: apply for classic clothing, but add a detail or element, which makes it different and offers these a chic look!

4. Romantic and elegant tones

We left behind this style, because it’s most common encountered. In case you are more into the classic details and you do not want to dare too much in the big day, then this category is totally you!

The colors that you have to apply for, should be light and not too daring. Choose tones that are neutral and not too out of patterns.

Styles for the bridal dayCredit
Styles for the bridal day

The atmosphere in this bridal day is romantic, intimate and warm, so emphasize it through the lights on the walls.

The wedding flower arrangements instigate to conversations and they are all about warmth as well. Contrary to all the ideas suggested up to this moment, we were thinking of picking tables and lots of food and fruits placed on these.