Designer accessories for your wedding day

In your wedding day you have to look gorgeous and besides the wedding dress, the wedding bouquet and the shoes and you of course, you always have to think of applying for different pieces of jewelry. There are so many options for you; it’s just that you need to adopt your style, which has to definitely be unique!

So, how about we suggest you some designer pieces of jewelry that can be worn as accessories in your wedding day and these will beautify you more.

We start with a gold bracelet that is designed in a very neat manner.

designer accessories for your wedding day

This one has in its components a fine chain and some parts with a heart detail on them and these hold small colored stones, which are really shiny and nice looking in the same time. It’s a gorgeous model of bracelet and you can apply only for wearing this one in case your dress is too pompous and your hairdo is too.
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There’s another accessory that we’re dying to present to you and we’re certain that you’re going to enjoy reading about it pretty much. This one is made of gold with fine embroidery on and there’s a blue stone detail, really shiny and really exquisite in the same time. This is indeed a nice combination of elements: gold (in color and material) with this blue shiny stone, indeed gorgeous visual effect!

designer accessories for your wedding day 2

Similar to the big ring that we’ve suggested previously there’s another one that will definitely please your eyes and it’s indeed a great combination of elements and details: this one is made of gold as well with fine embroidery and details on and it’s combined with a pink and shiny oval stone that looks really nice in the same time; another great example and really expensive in the same time.

designer accessories for your wedding day 3

Here’s another great looking model of bracelet, which is really fine in the same time.This one is made under the format of a chain and the main body is designed in gold. On every part of the chain there are attached some other small details made of white and yellow gold.

designer accessories for your wedding day 4

There are several details: letters, keys, hearts, coins, badges and so on. Quite a neat looking piece of jewelry and we’re sure that you would die to wear such a bracelet in your wedding day! It’s simply stunning and all the details concerning it amaze us and make us wonder how great an accessory can look or how it can be!