A special wedding

Each wedding is special through the elements used in it, although it may seem to you as similar to many others. There are so many cases in which the bride and groom have chosen to apply for an elegant wedding, succeeding to impress their guests with special music parts and with impressive fireworks. The bride and groom that had this wedding thought of having their wedding in cream, gold and orange, making sure that they offered all these colors to the eyes through the wedding salon décor.

During the wedding, the bride and groom synchronized perfectly, she applying for a wedding with a brown bolero and the bridal shoes and the bridal purse were made in golden. The groom’s shoes were brown and also the tie was in gold tone, this meaning that the groom and the bride matched perfectly in colors.

The wedding dress was white and with embroidery on the bust. The train of the wedding dress was adjustable. The veil had the same model of embroidery on its margins. Did this bride wear something blue, something new, something old or something borrowed? Well, the something blue detail was the garter, the something new detail was the pair of earrings, something old the necklace and something borrowed the hairpins! Here’s a bride who sure knows her traditions.
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The bride suit was done in the same black tone and in combination with a white elegant shirt and a black tie.

It seems really interesting that the bride and groom organized all the details surrounding their wedding, without applying for a particular wedding theme. But they surely based themselves on colors like cream and golden in combination with orange.

The bridal bouquet was made by white roses with bright green insertions of small chrysanthemum flowers.

The transport to this wedding was in the following manner: the guests came to the wedding with their cars or with the taxi and the groom and the bride rented a limo. After all, it’s their wedding day!

The music was ensured by a professional DJ, but they also placed some traditional inferences in order to maintain the guests as entertained as possible.

The wedding cake had five layers, which were composed of fruit foam and chocolate and the layers were covered with marzipan. As decorations, the bride and groom have chosen roses for their wedding cake and small pearls transposed on satin ribbons.

How did the bride and groom open their wedding? Well, through a waltz with the famous Anastasia song, Once upon a December.

A special moment that we could observe in this wedding were the fireworks, which were observed from the yard of the restaurant by all the guests.