Sweet wedding testimonies

Have you ever thought of making wedding testimonials out of sweets? Well, if it didn`t come into your mind that`s why we`re here, in order to show you some atypical hints for the most important day in your life! Everybody wants this day to be special, so with tiny details you`ll succeed and everyone will wonder how have you done it!


The first suggestion regards testimonials made out of chocolate, with the exterior wrapping that contains a thanking message, your names and maybe a bow made out of a sweet color as the interior is!

Another sweet tempting suggestion regards a package filled with bonbons type M& M or Skittles! Certainly your guests will be delighted to take such a nice basket to their homes! Probably they won`t even eat it because of its preciousness!
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Do strawberries fill your mouth with water? Well, such fruits wrapped in white and black chocolate will sound tempting! Surely the people invited will look with despair at these petite testimonials!
Gingerbread is a sweet most of us really enjoyed in our childhood! In order to say goodbye to childhood, why don`t we use testimonials at our wedding made out of gingerbread? To be more clear, here`s what you need: two nice decorated gingerbread pieces, a small vase filled with chocolate cream or chocolate pudding and on top, some M&Ms in which we stick the two pieces of gingerbread!

On top of all add a ribbon in matching colors and make a bow around the vase`s neck!
And speaking of gingerbread, wouldn`t it be nice to make a small variant of the bride and groom from gingerbread? Yes, certainly it will be original and funny and try not to scream when the guests intent to eat you! A nice idea would be also to make a wedding dress out of gingerbread. As you can see, gingerbread is very malleable and you can use several motifs and models with it!


Another suggestion is to get some cylindrical tubes, transparent, made out of glass or plastic and fill them with any type of bonbons you prefer the most! Put a cork and use some ribbons to make some nice bows!

Take some transparent plastic boxes and fill them with different types of mini cakes, biscuits or any other sweets! On the exterior side, place a ribbon with a bow, as the plastic box (technically it`s kind of a gift) were a gift and there you go! You have yourself some really exquisite testimonials!

What can be sweeter than two mini variants of you in duck impersonations! It sounds really sweet! It will be sweeter when you choose the material from which you and your wife will be made of: should it be gingerbread again, cake, pie? Who knows?!

The ultimate idea is to have some mini shoes, really glamorous made out of what?! Jelly? Gingerbread? Well, it`s your choice! The ideas just flow and sweets, as tempting as they are and sound, can be used also as wedding testimonials!