Guide for wedding manners

We know that a wedding seems to you as being an important event that is most commonly found in all the places and in which everybody know what to do and how to do it, but in order to avoid misunderstandings it’s better that you read this small guide for manners that you have to have in your wedding day.

guide for wedding manners

If you appreciate it would really be indicated to recommend or to print the things mentioned here in order to offer them to your guests. Sometimes it’s better that you tell things how you want them to be and emphasize on what you’re expecting then to encounter misunderstandings after.
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As the guests have to follow a certain guide the bride and groom have to respect some details as well and here are some rules that you have to take into account….

guide for wedding manners 2

Here are some rules for the guests….

Don’t suppose that the future bride and groom know that you’re coming at the wedding. It’s necessary you confirm your coming at the wedding and you place it on the invitations. If you refused and you can’t attend the wedding you don’t have to send the wedding gift.

If you’re late at the church don’t enter in the middle of the ceremony. Wait for the entire thing to finish and congratulate the happy ones. If you’re in another religion, you don’t have to attend at the religious ceremony. If you wish, no one stops you. The wedding gist is offered at the end of the ceremony or at the end of the reception.

guide for wedding manners 3

Rules for the bride and the groom….

Make sure that you thought of the comfort and you took into account all the details concerning the guests when you choose the menu, the music, how to spread your guests on tables and the other details that surround the wedding ceremony.

Tell the DJ who he should ask to dance in certain dances during the wedding. Inform the waiters and the other restrictions concerning the diet of the guests.

You should definitely expect your guests in the place where the reception takes place. Maybe the unique chance that you may have for their coming is in this moment and you do it personally to all the guests.

Throughout the party try to step by every table at least once for short hellos and to make a picture with every invited family. Be gentle when it comes to taking photos with your guests, they only want to share this happy moment with you.

Some other rules are these ones….

The members of the family, the religious parents, the bridesmaids have the duty of participating at the moments of dance in order to permit the guests to take some breaks and enjoy seeing the family, the friends that are having so much fun at their wedding.