By: erocka

Q: “Does the Father of the Groom Attend the Bachelor Party?”

Photo By: erocka

How well do you know your son?  If the two of you can be seen at ball games or bars, throwing a couple back while talking about what happened the past week at work or with your son’s soon to be wife, then maybe a bachelor party is in the cards for you.  If your son is in commune, readying his promise to God to dedicate his life to him and he spends his free time donating money to charities and helping build homes for the homeless, then a bachelor party is a heck of a way to send him off of single-hood.  I would almost venture to say anything between the two polars grants you the obligatory “biohazard, stay away” sign.  This is for 2, simple reasons really.

  1.  Bachelor parties, not unlike 21st birthday parties, are typically reserved for a man to shed any sort of humility he has left.  Many bachelors are found sipping up that spilled shot of liquor on the ground because he hates to waste money spent booze to the cold, unforgiving ground or making obscene gestures on stage at a strip club.  This is probably not the way you want to see your little boy.  Even if you have come to respect all of his short comings as a grown man, you probably don’t want to see him like this.
  2. You really want him to have a good time.  The last thing your son wants is to feel uncomfortable on the one day dedicated completely to him.  If you’re there and he feels like he cannot obtain the shenanigans mentioned in #1, then you have surreptitiously ruined or at the very least muted his final send off.  Neither of which you want to be the cause of.

Ask yourself those questions and you’ll find the answer whether or not you should attend his bachelor party.