Top 3 Registry Items to Make Your House a Home

Once you tie the knot with your partner, the next step on your journey together is to make your house a home. A wedding registry is a wonderful way for your nearest and dearest to help you achieve this and honor your union at the same time. The concept and process has evolved over time, too, meaning you now have a little more freedom to customize your registry. Also, it doesn’t have to be all about boring practicalities! Here, then, are a few suggestions for you to make the most of it and make your new family home as welcoming as possible.


When decorating your home, it’s so important to establish a sense of character to give it a lived- in and cozy feel. Specifically, a home should reflect and complement the character and tastes of you and your spouse. Art prints and paintings are a great way of adding this element, and can really transform a room into a living space that’s really yours, especially if you already have a theme in mind for your home. For instance, if you share a passion for the seaside, or it has significance in your relationship, you can emphasize this with landscapes and photographic prints of the sea and complement it with a matching color scheme. It’s a good idea to browse some online galleries so you can let your friends and family know exactly what look you’re going for; this one has a wide selection of photography in different themes, for example.

For the Garden

It’s sometimes a little easy to overlook the garden when you’re creating your perfect home, but it’s every bit as important as the interior. Granted, perhaps lawnmowers and garden sheds don’t make for the most romantic registry items, however, one idea that certainly fits the bill is a tree to commemorate the special occasion of your marriage. What could be more meaningful and romantic than a beautiful Wisteria or Japanese maple tree that grows and blooms in tandem with your relationship? It’s said that each tree has its own symbolic meaning, so you can choose the perfect one for your registry.

Throws and Scatter Cushions

There’s nothing better than a cozy lounge to unwind with your spouse in after a long day, so it’s well worth adding items to your registry that will enhance this atmosphere. Snuggly throws and scatter cushions are the perfect for this, and will turn your sofa into a temple of comfort for you and your partner. Depending on your lounge’s style, you could go for faux fur snuggliness, trendy throws and cushions with cool minimalist patterns, or mix and match – the best part is, the decision is all yours since it’s your registry!