Things to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Wedding

Planning an outdoor wedding is a great idea if you do not want a traditional church wedding. There are things that can go wrong, but if you have everything covered then nothing will ruin your big day. Do not let the change of weather or anything else change your mind about having an outdoor wedding. Follow this list to ensure your outdoor wedding goes off without a hitch.

Schedule Your Wedding Around the Sun

Having an outdoor wedding is the best for amazing photo opportunities in the best lighting. Ensuring you know when the sun is going to set and when it is the brightest outside will allow you to get the best out of the day. If you are unsure of how natural lighting and photography works, look at hiring a professional photographer for the big day who can work out the timings with you to get the best pictures of you and your family.

Be Aware of Weather Changes

When planning an outdoor wedding, this can be the biggest worry. Wind can be a pain and therefore it is best to plan accordingly with things such as hair. Having your hair up can be useful if there is a possibility it may be windy on the day. Hiring a gazebo can ensure wind and rain doesn’t stop your day from going ahead and can block the weather out when eating and drinking. Good weather should also be considered too, as a big wedding dress in blazing heat can be a bit overwhelming! Remember to keep yourself and everyone else hydrated and top up on the sun cream if you are spending a lot of time in the sun.


This is one of the simplest things to remember, yet it can be at the back of your mind when planning a wedding. If you are having an outdoor wedding, you may be at a venue where there are toilets. However, if these are quite far away and the drinks are flowing, this could get quite irritating for you and your guests. Think about how many people are coming and how many outdoor toilets you may need. There are many hygienic and handy restrooms for outdoor weddings. These can make it a lot easier for guests to stay outside rather than big queues forming inside for the loos!


Where food and drink are involved, you want to make sure that bugs stay away when having an outdoor wedding. There are many ways to repel bugs including choosing the right wedding flowers and using citronella oil to keep the bugs away. Check out these great tips for keeping bugs out of your wedding.

Outdoor weddings can be great and do not worry about what can go wrong. This is your big day, and nothing will ruin it. As long as you have some shelter, somewhere for guests to freshen up, and something to wrap up in if it gets chilly, you have everything covered.