Top Four Wedding Tasks You Should Consider Outsourcing

Wedding planning is filled with excitement and anticipation, but it can also feel like an overwhelming full-time job. To help make the process more manageable, employ some outside help, and you’ll save yourself both time and stress.

Here are four wedding tasks you should consider outsourcing:

Wedding Vows – While some people may think this is an insincere way to develop custom wedding vows, it’s actually the complete opposite. Just as you would ask for advice/an opinion from a friend or family member, writing professionals like Perfectly Noted collaborate with brides, grooms and couples to help put the sentiments they would like to express into words. Seeking the help of a writing professional isn’t disingenuous, but rather, couples are making the extra effort to refine their spoken commitment to one another.

Wedding Website –  There are an array of wedding website platforms to choose from that make it simple to build a custom site. As easy as these website builders may be, it’s still a time-consuming process to include venue details, travel and accommodation information, photos, etc. Save this wedding planning time, and hire a website designer/builder to organize your information and develop a site that’s easy-to-access with a beautiful layout. Your website can be completed sooner (and for less money) than you anticipate.

Name Change – An important aspect for many brides to make their marriage official is changing their name on official documents. However, the process for changing your name on your driver’s license, Social Security, passport, voter registration, vehicle title and registration, insurance, etc. can quickly take up a chunk of your time. Employ services like, and for $29.95 they’ll save you over 13 hours of paperwork to change your name.

Guest and Honeymoon Accommodations – If your wedding includes any guests from out of town, you’ll be responsible for providing hotel recommendations and/or booking a block of rooms.  On top of the guest hotel arrangements, you still have to plan your honeymoon. Avoid navigating hotel and airline booking sites, and consider hiring a travel agent or TaskRabbit professional to assist in securing hotel, airfare and restaurant reservations.

Bonus: Bridesmaid – Apparently, bridesmaids are also something that can be outsourced. According to a recent Craigslist ad for a “professional bridesmaid,” you can hire her when “your fiancé has an extra groomsman and you’re looking to even things out so your pictures don’t look funny” as well as to catch the bouquet, ensure other bridesmaids purchase their dresses on time and to dance The Electric Slide.