How to tell guests where the ceremony will moved if inclement weather?

I can’t believe I didn’t find any posts on this issue since so many people plan to get married outside.

Our ceremony is scheduled to be outdoors. I’m trying to figure out how to let guests know the alternate ceremony site in case of bad weather. I’ve heard of “rain cards”, but I don’t know how they are worded. Also, I can’t afford yet another enclosure for our invitations. The ceremony will be moved to the same location as our reception, can I include the information on the reception card? Or should I put it underneath the ceremony location on the actual wedding invitation? How should it be worded?



I know you said you can’t include yet another enclosure in your invitation but to do so really won’t be that much more and it is simple. Go to the local office supply store and buy business card stock that is of similar color to your invitations. Print the rain instructions on them using your business card template located in the “Tools”, “Letters and Labels”, “Labels”, “Options” portion of your word processing program selecting the appropriate functions. You can you do this right from your computer, and put one inside each of your invitations. The paper is so light that it barely changes the weight of the overall invitation package.

Rebecca Black, Etiquette By Rebecca

Great idea. And, I completely agree. This information should be on an enclosure.