What should MOB wear when bridesmaids are wearing red and yellow?

My daughter is getting married next July and has chosen red & yellow for her colors. The bridesmaids will wear bright red dresses with daffodil yellow sashes. Any advice as to what color I should wear? I have never really liked yellow on me but is that probably my best option? Any other ideas?

Irina Feygin,

Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! You don’t have to wear yellow; you can go for champagne, light gold or even taupe, which will look great with red/yellow combination. Enjoy the wedding!

Erin Sharplin Love, Panache by Erin

I agree! Great advice! Taupe would go perfectly with that color combo!!

Liz Fields, Professional Wedding Gown Designer


I would discuss it with the Bride, but based on color theory, I would actually prefer to suggest you wear something in the blue family, even blue-green or blue-violet. Based on your taste and skin-tone you can choose navy, powder blue or any other shade that you like.
Of course a Taupe or Champagne color would look lovely as well, as they usually do, but if you would like to make a bolder statement I would go with a blue shade.
I would not suggest yellow, as you are not a bridesmaid…you are the Mother-of-the-Bride!

Liz Fields, Professional Wedding Gown Designer

I just wanted to add a visual to help you imagine it. Granted this is all photoshop and the colors look a bit brighter in some cases than normal, but at least it can give you an idea.
Obviously I have no idea what the bridesmaids or bridal gowns look like, but I just chose some styles at random.
Also, I put the bridal gown in between, because keep in mind that you are rarely going to be photographed with only the bridesmaids….I would imagine you will always be photographed with your daughter inclusive if you are taking a “bridal party” photo. Just keep in mind that the white/ivory and the setting of the wedding will help to break up colors and give guests’ eyes a break….so you don’t necessarily have to be matchy-matchy….you just want to make sure you choose an appropriate gown and in a color that helps to make you stand out as MOB

Liz Fields, Professional Wedding Gown Designer

After reviewing, to keep it more elegant, maybe try a charcoal/dark gray color with silver accessories!!

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites, Inc

Mmmmm, Red and yellow are very bold statements! I can see why you’d have trouble coordinating with that. I like the idea of gold (playing off the yellow) or even the blues (maybe royal) but I’m not a fan of the gray (sorry Liz – you know I love you!). I’d suggest getting some fabric swatches of the bridesmaids dress and go shopping. The color you select needs to be tried next to your skin to be sure it’s good on you. Take your daughter along, if possible, so you can get perspective.

Liz Fields, Professional Wedding Gown Designer

No worries! 🙂
I agree, it is difficult to say 100% since the colors are so bold, but can vary drastically in shade. Not sure exactly the red or the yellow color and it is probably best to get swatches from the retailer and go shopping with the bride. Totally agree with Wedding Queen!