Mother of bride flowers – wrist or pinned corsages

What are most Mother of Brides doing about flowers – are corsages (wrist or pin) still popular or is it more popular to carry a few stems of something?

Nancy Tucker

Many prefer the wrist corsage so #1 it isn’t getting crushed with every hug and #2 in case of allergies it is not as close to the nose.

Russ Phillip of Russ on Flowers – Your Personal Flower Expert; A wedding flower guide and video blog.

Hey Alice,
It is important to consider the bride’s wishes first and fore most. A happy bride is a happy day. 🙂 If in fact she has no preference well, than you are on your own. There is no manual about what is right or wrong in this instance. It now all relies on your personal preference. And, can I tell you everyone is different? Sure there are some variable to consider, like money, corsages are less expensive than a bouquet and a single flower is less expensive than a corsage. Some other things to consider – what are the flower colors of the event, is the event using a lot of flowers, what is the preference of the other parents, have you discussed with them, if not might be a good idea. Another consideration, these days it is not uncommon to have more than two mothers present. All the above considerations should be considered while trying to make a decision. The key word here is considered.

Now in the light of being general, if you like a wrist corsage and the other mother would prefer a pin on, so be it, the placement of the flowers do not have to match. Have fun with it. There aren’t to many days in your life where you give a child away. Celebrate, have fun and do it all with a smile.

Good Luck – And remember keep it real..

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

My son and his bride got me a beautiful wristlet which I thought was beautiful because the band was made of pearls instead of that wide stretchy band you usually get. Loved it and no pins!