Covering acne when wearing a backless bridesmaid dress

I was asked to be a Junior Bridesmaid in my 2nd cousins wedding in December. Right now I am 13. B) The problem is, I have terrible acne on my back and face, which is very persistent. I have had it for at least 7 months, and constantly feel very self-conscious about it. We have tried everything to get rid of it. Doctors, dermatologists, beauticians, healthy eating plans, Clearasil, home-remedies and all of the little products that you pick up in the supermarket. I am terrified that my acne will still be there for the wedding, and even the fittings, which will be in the 3rd term of school.

The style of the dresses are revealing my back and, at the moment, my hair is quite short. Do you have any tips, hints, advice or even make-up that is specifically designed for covering acne?

Please help, because I feel really nervous that I will look horrible with acne on my back on the big day.

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Have you spoken to your dermatologist about prescribing accutane for bacne? My son had this issue when he was a young teen and this was the only remedy and, for him, the cure for his acne. There are some risks with the use of this drug, as with the use of any drug, so speak to your parents and physician to see if this might help you.

They can also prescribe antibiotics if necessary.

I do recall that my son’s doctor gave him a prescription body soap so check on that as well.

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I know what an uncomfortable issue this can be.

Your best course of action is working with your dermatologist and finding the right course of treatment for you.

If it is still not cleared up by the wedding you could look into having a make-up artist cover up any imperfections.

Just keep smiling and I am sure everything will work out fine.

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I would speak to a dermie also, but for just covering and evening with a really natural look, try Bare Essentials mineral make-up. If applied right, it completely covers up imperfections and evens out skin tone! I first bought mine from QVC where you can get trial sizes, but there are some stores in malls, and they have a website.

Donna, Wedding Queen, President; Top Wedding Sites

I understand now that accutane is off the market. My son never had any issue with it or side effects though. Again, I would speak to the dermatologist about clearing the acne since they have so many new products and treatments coming on the market these days.

I’ve heard others say that using a dandruff shampoo helps. Using a treatment containing salicylic acid (instead of the typical stuff found in clearasil) could help. Try a body spray that will make it easier to reach your back. Neutrogena Body Clear Spray and Clear Body Wash is an example and that brand is one of the better.

Ahava has a sea salt soap and bath soak that’s really nice and you can get it at Ulta. I think the idea is that salt is drying. When I was younger, we’d always head to the Jersey Shore and those dips in the salt water really worked wonders on the old teenage zits!

I was told by a neighbor that apple cider vinegar works (apply with a cotton ball for external and dilute and use weekly as a drink) but I had no luck with that for my Rosacea (adult acne).

And always be sure to drink plenty of water. The skin is our largest organ and needs to be treated well.

Great tip about mineral makeup, but not sure how easy that would be to apply on your back. You may want to hire a professional makeup artist to assist.

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