Daisy Theme Weddings

There’s reason behind the old saying, “fresh as a daisy.” Because when brides of all ages want to express the youthful side of love, nothing beats the daisy in all its guises: from the traditional Shasta, with its echoes of nostalgia and innocence, to the practically-punk Gerber and its contemporary colors.

Demure Shasta Style

No other flower says “young love” like the Shasta daisy, with its cheery face and paper-white petals. Dear to blushing brides everywhere, the Shasta begs for sayings like, “he loves me, he loves me not — he loves me … we tied the knot!”

Silhouettes and textures that suit the shasta to a ‘tee’: eyelet and cotton fabrics. And gowns with a retro-style bell skirt and slender waist, or chic tea-lengths, worn with a flyaway veil. Reedy, youthful brides look gorgeous in a simple A-line or column style — especially against vibrant greens of a garden or park.

The Shasta also plays well with white organza bows and delicate pastels like lavender, mint green, or baby-chick yellow. They look lovely paired with pastel roses, and in hand-tied bouquets dressed up with pink or yellow satin wraps.

They’re a bit fragile, though, so resort to silks for anything like a pomander ball, anything without a water source, or anything your flower girl might carry around.

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Gerber Daisy Drama

Gerbers are the Vivienne Westwoods of the flower world. The brides who love them also love design, and modern shocks of color. One popular palette for Gerber-lovers is bright pink and orange. Another is pink and green. For Autumn brides, fiery combinations of yellow, orange and red set the scene.

But brides are also designing around Gerbers’ purples, peaches and sultry magentas. And let’s not forget that Gerbers really pop against dark brown and black (both super-popular shades for bridesmaids’ attire. Coincidence?)

All Dolled Up With Daisies

Here are some adorable things we’ve seen done with daisies:


Wheatgrass Trays

That rich explosion of green makes daisies look fabulous, whether they’re white or fuchsia. Take note: the fragile stems need to be wired!

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Floating Heads

Single Shasta flower heads floating in votives or shot glasses: adorable. Larger Gerber heads can sometimes fill a whole fishbowl: finish the look with a bright satin ribbon. Or toss these blooms en masse in fountains or pools.


Flashy Splashes

The brightest gerbers call for dramatic echoes elsewhere in your event. Dress your bridesmaids in bright dupioni sashes (salmon or tangerine, say). Swag the ceilings with shiny fabrics to match. Wrap each cake layer in bold, patterned ribbons. Rustle up tangerine parasols and saturated linens and chair covers. Serve a menu of signature drinks in each of your Gerber colors!

Wedding Wire

Ribbons on Ribbons

Pick a bright palette to match your favorite Gerber daisies, then wrap your vases and votive holders in several layers of ribbon of different widths. For example, layer a bright orange inch-wide satin ribbon over a corrugated two-inch-wide fuchsia ribbon.

Fruit and Flowers

Choose Gerbers of a citrusy hue, then fill your centerpiece containers with sliced lemons, limes or oranges in bright, coordinating colors.

Inspired By This

Back to Basics

Just because you love all-white doesn’t mean you have to pass on Gerbers: they come in bridal white, too. And with their oversized heads, they’ve got all the charm of Shastas, plus a fresh and modern spin.

Wedding Chicks

Rustic Roots

Gerbers and Shastas alike can add rustic punch to any affair. Just combine them with a little raffia or twine, birds’ nest bouquet collars, galvanized pails, or gingham and mason jars.

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