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A Daisy Wedding Theme

daisy wedding cake
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Flowers are usually an important part of wedding decorations, with roses being an elegant and popular choice.  However, daisies – with their simpler beauty, bright eyes, and rustic charms – are also very popular.  Daisies come in a wide array of colors and color combinations, and are versatile enough to dress up for an elegant wedding and dress down for a simpler one.

daisy wedding
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If you decide on a daisy wedding theme for your ceremony or reception, you will have a wide variety of daisy-decorated wedding items to choose from.

Daisy wedding and shower invitations are easily available, as are daisy wedding programs – you can download a free template of a wedding program with daisies here .  Customizable and personalized daisy mint tins are popular wedding favors, and daisy earrings or small handbags decorated with daisies would be well-received gifts for the bridesmaids.

daisy wedding theme
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Make your own daisy wedding favor box by buying silk daisies in the color of your choice and gluing one to a length of satin or organza ribbon you’ll tie around your choice of favor box. Then fill the box with your favorite candy. Guests love edible favors. Keep that hot glue gun handy and glue some more of those silk daisies to color coordinated flip flops and, VOILA!, you have a little gift for the bridesmaids that they can use at the reception when their heels may be tuckered out. Daisy cake toppers, daisy hair clips, and daisy candles can all add a little extra daisy whimsy to your wedding, too.

daisy wedding cakes
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In deciding on your daisy floral arrangements, you’ll of course have the option of ordering them from a local florist, but if you are planning far enough ahead, you may be able to save some money by ordering directly from the grower,  raising them yourself or having a friend or family member with a green thumb do it for you.

daisy wedding bouquet
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Daisies tend to be both tough and prolific flowers, and grow well in a wide variety of climates.  If you plan on having your wedding during a time of year when daisies aren’t in flower, you may be able to make arrangements with a local greenhouse to grow them for you, although this will increase the cost.  Acquiring your fresh daisies  (however you end up doing so) will provide you with some very fresh, vibrant, long-lasting flowers that will definitely add a special romantic touch to your wedding.

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Once you have your Daisy type and color selected you can move on to making your own bouquets and centerpieces. Because Daisies are a pretty sturdy flower, this should be one of the easier flowers to work with, though you should always wire the stems and then use the green florists tape for additional support.

daisy wedding bouquet
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If you take a few Gerbera Daisies with a long stem and wrap with some coordinating satin ribbon you’ll have a simple, affordable, yet very elegant daisy bouquet for the bride and the bridesmaids.

daisy wedding bouquets
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Make a flower pomander, you know, those round balls of flowers you see hanging by a beautiful satin ribbon. Great to decorate the pews/aisles.  Just grab yourself some foam balls, hot glue/floral pins and go to town! Simple centerpiece? Cut the heads off any daisy and float in an attractive bowl filled with water. Add color coordinating marbles if you think the centerpiece needs a little jazz. Another idea is ti use cake stands arranges with candles and the daisies of your choice. They can be further embellished with ribbon or lace doilies. You’re only limited by your imagination.

daisy wedding theme ideas
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daisy wedding centerpieces
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Will you use any of these wedding ideas? What other suggestions for using daisies might be helpful?