Groom’s Wedding Attire – It’s His Day Too!

It seems as though all attention goes into the Bride finding the perfect dress, the perfect train, the perfect veil, but what about the Groom?  Shouldn’t he have a little attention lavished on his appearance too? After all, as the commercial for The Men’s Wearhouse says, “All eyes will be on her (the bride), but she’ll be looking at you (the groom)! There are accessories and styles for the groom’s wedding attire that he’ll select to make his appearance special.

The groom should consider these questions before selecting his wedding clothes:

  • Will he get a rental or a fitted tuxedo/suit made just for him?
  • What will be the colors for him and his groomsmen?
  • Will he get themed or designed cufflinks (e.g. sports, personalized, or based on color)?
  • What style of tie will he wear (ascot, bow tie, etc)?
  • Will he wear suspenders?
  • What style of collar will he choose (wing, banded or lay down collar)?
  • What type of lapel looks right (notch, peak or shawl)?
  • Does it matter how many buttons are on the jacket? (e.g. 1, 2, 3, or 6)

There are so many details and questions the Groom will have to figure.  Usually the Bride tends to decide what style of dress is best for the Groom, but does he get to decide what she will wear?  Just like there are different dress styles for different brides, so are there different style suits or tuxedos for the Groom.

TipThere’s more to shopping for your wedding attire then going to a tuxedo rental store and picking the right size suit off the rack.

Get a feel for and try on different styles of tuxedos/suits.  And, since the tuxedo isn’t right for every type of wedding, here is a list of etiquette rules for finding the right attire for your style wedding.

  • Semi – Formal Daytime: a dark suit is recommended, but in the summer you can select lighter fabric and colors – linen is suggested.
  • Semi – Formal Evening: a suit or black tuxedo with either cummerbund or vest, bow tie and white wing-tipped shirt would work best.
  • Formal Daytime: a black or gray jacket (e.g. tails, strollers, cut-away) is recommended with striped pants and striped ascot, cravat, or tie, and a vest.
  • Formal Evening (Black Tie: a black tuxedo, white shirt, black bow tie, cummerbund or vest.
  • Ultra – Formal Daytime: wear a black or gray cutaway jacket, with gray striped pants, gloves, cufflinks, vest, and ascot or cravat
  • Ultra – Formal Evening (White Tie): a black tailcoat, black pants, black vest, white wing-collared shirt, and white bow tie.


There are a variety of styles for jackets, ties, vests, cufflinks, pants, shirts and collars, so make sure to select a store that will take time to explain the difference and find the right look for you. Not all shops have experienced and knowledgeable personnel so be sure to brush up on your attire etiquette so you select the right suit for your wedding.

Tip: In addition to the time of the wedding, the groom’s attire should complement the formality of bride’s dress. (You don’t want to overdress or under dress)

Grooms this is your day too, so take the time to look and feel your best! Who is making the decision about the groom’s attire for your wedding?

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  1. John Cook

    So much emphasis is put on the bride’s dress, I think most men overlook the value of their look at the wedding. For instance, a rental tux will fit you great in the shoulders, usually, but will look boxy in the chest and waist area. Do you want to ruin your wedding pictures with an ill fitting suit? Guys, it is about her, but make sure you take care of you and make the pictures memorable. You can always buy a suit and add a vest and bow tie to give that formal look. That way you have a suit you can use so many more times!!

    For my wedding to Tiffany Nieves I chose to go in another direct. I knew she was wearing two different dresses, she is a wedding planner after all, so I decided to start a new trend. The groom change! I started the ceremony in my tailored tux

    DVD case

    and changed into a less formal suit midway through reception.

    DVD case

    By doing so it allowed me to be more comfortable and to also and variety to our wedding photos!

  2. Lifetime Events by Jacqueline

    I love the idea of both the bride and the groom changing into a second dress and suit.

    Brides… when doing dress alterations, the dress should be made to complement you. Grooms, ensure that the tailor gets your right measurements for a well fitted tuxedo or suit. In looking at the pictures above, both John and his wife complement each other, which adds that special touch to the wedding.

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