Chic, Modern-Classic Wedding Gowns

Slip into something classic – but with a modern twist – as you walk down the aisle to say, “I do.” Here’s are pick of 10 stunning designs that not only fit the traditional, bridal theme but are also enriched with a certain contemporary flair.

e6200a494f2c93b24c266c579115e4d3Peek at the legs and add a bit of ruffle too with this offbeat and chic ball gown.

216dcf2bdfe6e353cf6fa0f46ebbe08fMinimalistic and chic, this gown was made to be personalized and make the bride stand out on her own.

3ffe8eb532d28bde1bb1bbe0b63cb4e4This gown has architectural element but with a very artistic spirit in tow.

622a023fd5103d878a2371c46142d25bThis gorgeous gown is reminiscent of Grace Kelly but with texture!

b5cddd2c0fa95ec525b714dbdc7f221cA classic, slim A-line silhouette but with extra flow, texture and design-worth.

db3d87fc39e795a66626c8bfc25b1065Add to your own uniqueness by thinking outside-the-box in terms of wedding day design, this contemporary A-line is sure to make a lasting impression.

ecc9c00048db31b6936b821191932c05There is so much to love about this gown and so much detailing and POP added to this gorgeous, classic silhouette.

8478a43f684c811b03a318e98e44f2deHere’s another Grace Kelly inspiration but this time with some chic pockets and a contemporary, sleek belt.

24d590ec60f68b56c396a8a5a22cf169For the more whimsical of brides, check out this artistic and surprising design full of movement and funky accents.

ec1d0705fbf4ffcfbbbb9ec6cbc47f20A peplum tier can be utilized in even the most simplistic and soft of gowns, as in this charming example.

photos via Brides