10 More Stunning Krikor Jabotian Wedding Gowns We’re Loving

This one has a more timeless, old age personality and we're loving its creaminess and gold details.

Designs that will sweep you off your feet, make you fall in love and have you daydreaming every moment of the day that you’re floating down the aisle to the one you want to say, “I do” to, that’s exactly what you’ll find within these wedding gowns from Krikor Jabotian.

If you want to add some couture spirit to your wedding day then this is the designer you’ll want to make your rounds at. For modern, cutting-edge and innovative designs that scream contemporary style, you’ll find nothing less in this collection. Texture and poise are too places that these dresses won’t cut a bride short of, so dive in and find your favorite now!

Modern weddings, formal affairs and events that are infused with a bit more glam than outside venues would be, that’s where these looks will fit in nicely.

10 More Stunning Krikor Jabotian Wedding Gowns We're Loving