Free Wedding Program Templates and Ideas

Trying to get a wedding planned on a tight budget?  One money saving idea is to design and print your own wedding programs using free templates!

You can choose from a selection of free wedding program templates below.  We’ve provided three templates (as Word documents) here, and we’ve even got some ideas on how to help you customize it! (When you click on the links below you’ll be asked to download a file which contains your wedding program which you’ll save and open in Microsoft Word)).

This first free wedding program template is a full color, 8.5 x 11 document that after printing, will be folded in half.   It has an Irish theme with a colorful rose bouquet on the cover and a Celtic knot cross graphic on the inside, as well as an Irish blessing (note that the program has the wedding guests reciting the blessing).

free wedding program ideas


This program looks especially lovely when printed on cream-colored paper.  If you’d like a different theme, though, the graphics and blessing can easily be deleted and you can substitute other pictures and prayers, or poems.  Other beautiful fonts available in MS Word (besides those in this template) are Bradley Hand, Edwardian Script, Fine Hand, French Script, Harrington, and Kunstler Script, to just name a few!  With a little web-surfing, you can find free graphics and pictures to use in the program.

free wedding program templates



Or you or an artsy friend can provide some of your own photographs, or draw some graphics yourself.   Here are some ideas for different programs:

  • Cover picture – photo of the bride and groom; inside picture – a Christian cross; blessing – Bible quote, Romans 12: 1-5, or Romans 12: 9-18.
  • Cover picture – graphic of fall leaves (for a fall wedding); inside picture – graphic of two wedding rings; blessing – poem about love.


free wedding program templates

ideas for wedding programs


This second wedding program template is very versatile.  It’s a simple program with elegant Edwardian Script font and no graphics.  It should be printed out as a double-sided document, and then cut in half, so the program is 5.5 x 8.5 in. You can play around with the fonts to find one that suits your style, with no need to worry about finding any pictures or graphics.  Some of the fancier fonts (like Edwardian Script) can be difficult to read on a computer monitor, though, so you may want to finalize the text of the program before you start working with the fonts.  This wedding program looks beautiful printed on ivory or very light pastel-colored paper.

DIY wedding programs


This third wedding program template is similar to the second template above.  It is also designed to be printed out as a double-sided document, and then cut in half, so the program is 5.5 x 8.5 in.  This program has a simpler (but still elegant) font, French Script, with some nice corner graphics of daisies. Daisies are flowers that can dress “up” or “down” so you can really have some fun with this template.  The daisies will look great with either formal or informal fonts.  You could also choose a fun paper color like neon pink or turquoise!

print your own wedding programs


Wedding programs need not be complicated or designed exclusively by a professional graphic artist.  Designing and printing your own wedding program is actually a great way to express your own personal style and creativity at your wedding.  And it also just happens to be a great way to save you some money!

wedding program template


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  1. Matt, PA

    I’m planning a Fall wedding so I created a Fall Wedding Program template that I thought could be helpful for others. We wanted to create a folded look, with a cover, two inside pages, and a back page, without the need for staples or two pieces of paper folded into one another.

    In order to do this, I created two documents. The first, Inside Fall Wedding Program Template, is a landscape word document with the two inside pages of the booklet next to one another. The second was the same style, with the BACK page first (on the left) and the Front page second (on the right). You must do it “backwards” in order for it to fold properly. Fall Wedding Program Template Outside

    The idea is to print as many copies needed of the outside (or inside) first, then after printing, reinsert the newly printed sides back into the printer, and print the opposite side onto the back. You will have to practice with a sample in order to determine which direction (face down vs face up, top to the left vs the right) to put the paper in the tray.

    Then, once you have both sides printed, just fold and you’re done. No staples, and it looks clean and professional, especially with thicker, perhaps colored, paper.

    Good luck!

  2. Wedding Etiquette

    Thanks, Matt. If anyone else has a program template to offer post a link to it here or contact us via our online contact form.

  3. Chris Walker
    I have found that it is sometimes very difficult to creat a nice looking wedding program until you have all of the information on it. Then, go back and adjust for the best looking and right size font after you’ve got all of the information on the page. Here is a link to program templates. They are in very plain fonts that can be changed after the page isedited.

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