Wedding hall Decorating Ideas – Rustic, vintage, woodland

Hello! My name is Kate and I’m being married in August of this year. I need some ideas on how to decorate at my wedding reception. I already have a few, but the room is SO big that I have to fill up some space. The room is a gym, so any ideas that will cover up some wall space would be a great help! I thought of having real pine trees set up with Christmas tree stands. But I am kind of at a loss for any more ideas. If you have some more, that would really get my brainstorming juices flowing again. Thanks so much!

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Since you didn’t mention what your theme is, if you are going to have dim lighting, balloon arches or bouquets against the walls might provide some color, especially if you match to your theme.

Be careful about using real pine trees set in Christmas tree stands, as they are not stable in the best of times. They can easily fall and create a mess. I doubt that they will let you anchor them to the wall with a nail. Also, be prepared to sweep up lots of needles. Keep in mind that pine needles can cause people to slip, especially if on a smooth floor surface. A lot of schools or athletic facilities require that you use floor mats if you are planning on dancing, as they don’t want the floors messed up.

Since it will be August, have you thought about fish netting and suspending sea shells within the netting and hanging against the walls? Or hanging with something related to your theme?

If there is a good amount of blank wall space, consider hiring a DJ that provides audio visual services and have them project onto the wall during the reception. Projectors can portray an image or cool graphics up to 24 feet diagonal, and that would provide something of interest for your guests to view. Perhaps pictures related to your theme, or slide show of pictures of you and your fiancee.

If no DJ or audio visual person, consider setting up spot projectors which can be purchased at Walmart or Lowes. You know, the kind that you project images onto your garage door during the holiday season. A few of those set up projecting words or pics on the wall might solve the problem.


Do you have a theme in mind? What are your wedding colors?


Sorry, I geuss I did not give enough information.
The girls are wearing Ice pink. And the Guys are wearing just black (groomsman wearing white shirts) Since the Chairs are green, My colors are pink and green. The flowers are herbs. I also forgot to mention that the circles I am in are VERY conservative. So there is no DJ, dancing or Bar. (I am dutch) [;)]
The theme that I’m kinda of working with is a vintage wedding with class. I love unique things so I kind of want the wedding to reflect that. But still be classy. I’ve decorated the same gym when I was in Highschool for our prom twice…and its a big job to think of stuff to fill it up! so thanks for the ideas! Over 215 people are invited…that is why Im using the gym.

Oh, and about the other reply. Thanks for the tips about the trees! Thats good to know…maybe I will give it a test run…or scrap the whole idea.
Any thoughts would be great. Thanks.
P.S. pet peeve of mine is ballons…So im hoping not to use any [:P] but i might have to resort to that.

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[:P] Hi…one of the best room treatments I have ever seen is coming up…and it is pretty easy. It might be a little hard to follow here but stick with me here. It is awesome.

Ingredients are: A bunch of window scarves. These are sheer fabric panels and I think they are something like 115 inches long. They can be purchased at Wallmart or discount stores for about $12 each.

White icicle lights to total up the length of the fabric scarves.

5 to 8 foot upright wood or bamboo poles. The same number plus one as the window scarves.

An equal number of stable pots, buckets or umbrella stands.

Tall curly willow or birch branches.

cement or plaster.

Do you follow where I am going? You will be creating upright poles in heavy pots to hang icicle lights between. Lay the fabric scarves softly over them to diffuse the light. If you use high and low poles you can create scallops.

To dress up the upright poles tie curly willow, birch or branches to them to create a silhouette look.

The hardest part is a messy June day project of making the poles in the pots…It is best to use cement or plaster so they will be plenty stable and heavy enough to stay in place.

This might be a fun project for a pre-wedding beer and pizza party with your fiancee and friends. Guys will ne helpful in mixing the cement and get a kick out of helping with the wedding decorations.

This really does look amazing when its all together and you can use it against the walls or make your own wall out of it. With the high and low poles you can achieve a scalloped look. Really nice to make a freestanding focal area for dancing or even a larger area if you like.

If I have confused you too much but you sort of like the idea feel free to contact me personally through the website and I will try to get it straight and might be able to locate a photo for you.

[cool][angelic][;)][:)][sly] All the best…