Amazing Ideas for Making a Memorable Best Man Speech


So, you have been chosen the best man? It is a good feeling to be the right-hand guy of the groom and especially when he is your best friend or brother. However, arranging your brother’s bachelor party and giving a best man speech publicly is completely different. You have got to be extremely confident and full of humor to keep the audience enticed. Just keep calm, relax and let the speech flow naturally. That is the best way to prepare perfect Unique best man speeches. Here are some amazing ideas for making a memorable best man speech.

Plan your killer opening line ahead

Begin writing the best man speech at least a few months before, say two to three months prior to the wedding. As the big day comes near there will be so many things to distract you. To draw everyone’s attention and get their mood right, you should start with one-liners or little simple jokes. You can take ideas from humorous blogs. Just make sure they are relevant to the occasion.

Write down your points

No, here nobody is doubting your memory, but having the speech written who let you be more confident. In case you forget, then you will always have an option to look at it and make the best out. There are movies that make you laugh and cry at the same time. You might know some of them, right? Just see them and try to adapt the emotions delivered through the dialogues. Don’t mumble, be loud and clear when giving the speech as that’s the sign of being confident.

Practice well

As they say, “Practice makes a man perfect”, simply follow that. Even if you think that you are completely prepared with the speech to deliver, practice out loud till you reach perfection. Remember, a speech with great content wouldn’t have much impact on the audience until it is delivered well. While practicing, you can take a video, and send it to your friends or relatives to see if you are doing well.

Share beautiful memories

You might have so many stories to tell, right from your childhood to growing up with your brother or your friend. Let the audience get a flashback. While narrating your story, you can punch in some humor. You can crack jokes on yourself and brother, but never on the bride. You can involve or share jokes about him and his other friends. You should make a sure that the audience is well-entertained, and engaging them in the speech can be a good stance. If you think that the speech is flagging, then you can pick the bride and say something beautiful about her.

Note of Thanks

Of course, you have to thank the groom and the bride as well as the audience to be so patient with you. However, you should not forget to thank the others speakers too.

Once you are done with the speech, congratulate the couple and then take your seat. The best man speech is one of the beautiful things that make a wedding an interesting activity. Therefore, you have got to make it as beautiful and funny as you can.