Ring Bearer Job Descriptions

Ring Bearers & Flower Girls: The Real Job Descriptions & Tips

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According to tradition, the ring bearer and flower girl are meant for much more than to simply look absolutely adorable and pose for hundreds of adorable photographs. In fact, there is a lot of meaning and description to their roles and responsibility. Yes, that cute little 4-year-old you are having throw rose petals down the aisle has a bigger job than you once thought. Let’s take a peek inside these little ones’ wedding day duties and quick tips for planners.

The Flower Girl 

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Once you’ve pick the little doll to do the dirty work. You’ll be picking out a fluffy dress and accessories in no time. But be sure to know exactly why she is doing what she’s doing and how to teach her to do it in the right ways.

  • Just before the maid of honor, the flower girl will make her debut. Bopping down the row with her petals in hand, she will scatter them along the path to the altar.
  • Starting in British tradition, flower girls used to carry sheaves of wheat and herbs to bless the couple with fertility and prosperity, of course the tradition has since evolved into something a bit more “stylish.” Although, tucking away from wheat and herbs inside the basket could only bring you more luck!
  • Typically, these tiny beauties wear mini versions of the wedding dress. Think about what you want this young lady to wear and make sure it’s age-appropriate.
  • It’s also important that the bride or groom, at the very least, offers to pay for the flower girls’ day of ensemble.
  • Include the flower girl into the rehearsal. If it makes her feel more comfortable use the buddy system by pairing her up with the ring bearer or an older bridesmaid!


The Ring Bearer

Ring Bearer Job Descriptions

Find a handsome little fellow to take the biggest piece of the ceremony down the aisle. Dimples, dirty hands and crooked smiles for days, tiny boys aren’t to be left out of the big day. But, make sure everyone knows what’s happening before the pillow is taken.

  • Sometimes ring bearers walk down with the flowers girl or they walk down themselves right before or right after the petals are tossed.
  • The ring bearer, traditionally, carries a pillow with the wedding bands attached atop. In actuality, most of the time, the best man already has them stowed away in his pocket for safe-keeping – just in case of any kiddo mishaps.
  • Some say the ring bearer started in Ancient Egypt, where prized jewels were carried on ornate pillows during wedding ceremonies.
  • Just like the little girls, the little boys should wear mini versions of the grooms or groomsmen – and, the bride and groom should offer to pay for his ensemble.
  • Again, include the small dude in your rehearsal and don’t be afraid to use the buddy system if he’s a bit rebellious or shy about walking down the aisle alone.


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