How To Be The Best Maid Of Honor Ever: 11 Steps

maid of honor tips
photo credit: ClaraDon via photopin cc


maid of honor tips
photo credit: ClaraDon via photopin cc


Looking to be the best darn Maid of Honor in the known world? A multi-faceted role, taking on Maid of Honor duties requires you to act as the bride’s go-to person for just about every wedding-related thing there is. Let’s take a look at 11 steps that will ensure you rock it!

1) Play Offensive at the Reception

Great Uncle Joe is a talker. The bride doesn’t have 45 minutes to discuss the price of milk in the 1930s, but guess what, Maid of Honor? You do. On the plus side, no one will blame you for being the drunkest person at the end of the night–you’ve listened to everyone’s relatives drone on. And on.

2) Provide the Mother of the Bride With a Chill Pill

Whatever form this “chill pill” takes…well, we won’t question you. She’s stressed out, and has subsequently stressed everyone else out.

3) Leave Dad Alone

Men usually need time to process things on their own, and while Mom may be bawling, Dad is probably internalizing everything. So if he goes in a room by himself, just leave him be.

4) Don’t Forget the Mother of the Groom

Often overlooked at weddings, mothers of the groom are watching their babies get married too. Be sure to give the Mother of the Groom a hug at the reception!

5) Bring a Blow Dryer

The “Swiss Army Knife of weddings,” blow dryers are ideal for touching up hair, drying nails quickly, and drying water/champagne/liquor stains on dresses. Other wedding day survival items to bring include a sewing kit, band-aids, tissues, scissors, tweezers, mints, safety pins and a nail file.

6) Remind the Bride to Print Out a List of Photos She Wants

The photographer doesn’t know the bride met the groom at a baseball game and want to have a photo of them having a catch. Suggest the bride make a list of all the inside jokes and family poses she wants, otherwise they will not happen. Think about all every possible combination beforehand, have her write them down, and bring the list with you. She’ll definitely thank you for it!

7) Remember to Have a Sense of Humor About the Ring Bearer and Flower Girl

Kids do and say the darndest things, right? So let them do what they do. If the ring bearer needs a candy bribe to make it down the aisle, or the flower girl wants her daddy with her, just go with it.

8) Transportation, Transportation, Transportation

How is the wedding party getting from the hotel to the ceremony venue? The reception? What about the parents? You’ll definitely need to work all this out beforehand!

9) Create an Awesome Playlist

Create a slumber party vibe when everyone is getting ready, only with mimosas. Bring snacks, make a sweet playlist, and have plenty of magazines handy. There’s going to be a lot of downtime as everyone takes turns putting on makeup and getting their hair done.

10) Make Sure the Bride Eats

Breakfast, snacks…she needs to eat! Have her drink fluids through a straw so she won’t smear her lipstick. This will prevent her from getting drunker-than-drunk at the reception.

11) Don’t Send the Couple Off With Sparklers. Just Don’t.

It may look adorable on Pinterest, but we’re literally talking about giving drunk people explosives. Not the bestest idea ever!

Keep these tips in mind and rock that wedding, missy!

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