Incorporating the Kids into Your Wedding Day: Ideas & Inspiration

Incorporating Kids into the wedding day

Sons and daughter, nieces and nephews, cousins and even your best friends’ little cuties … are you at a loss in terms of how incorporate all of the kiddos in the big day’s festivities? Well, stress no longer as we’ve compiled a quick list of ideas and inspiration on how to make even the smallest of guests feel much more included, especially for those VIP friends and family. Incorporating Kids into the wedding day

Flower Girls & Ring Bearers

An obvious choice, but for those very special children you may want to incorporate them right into the ceremony and have them become a part of the ceremony. Give them responsibility based on their age and make sure they feel just as special and important as the bridesmaids! It’ll become a memory you’ll both cherish for years to come.

Give Em Props

“Walk this way,” or “Here comes the Bride,” signs can go a long way with the guests and the photographer, so why not have an adorable little gal or guy have the responsibility of holding it?

Incorporating Kids into the wedding day

Scavenger Hunts

A lot of couple’s decide not to invite children to receptions, but if you have a lot of little ones in the family – you should just get creative. Set up an activity just for them that keeps them busy and entertained! Parents will love you for it and you won’t have any hurt feelings in the audience.

Incorporating Kids into the wedding day

Hold A Unity Ceremony

If you and the groom already have children, or your combining families, a unity ceremony for everyone could be a very special and touching moment to incorporate into the celebration. Add extra candles for each child you need to represent.

Drinks Just for Them

Remember the kids when you’re creating your menu. Have kid-friendly treats and kid-friendly sips being passed around too. These “mocktails” could be anything from a refreshing lemonade to a Shirley Temple!

Incorporating Kids into the wedding day

Candy Bouquets

If you’re expecting plenty of kiddos running around the reception …. get a candy bouquet ready. Just like for the single ladies at the party, throw out this fun piece to all the children and allow them to have their very own, fun moment on the dance floor.

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