Is it Customary to Have the Bridal Party Pay for Their Wedding Attire for Destination Weddings?

When it comes to destination weddings, do all the same rules still apply? Today we’re tackling a question that we’ve seen being asked over and over again – bridal attire for destination weddings … who foots the bill? Let’s take a closer look below.

Readers Ask

Is it customary to have the bridal party pay for their wedding attire for destination weddings?

Our Answer

Even if you’re having an out-of-town wedding and there are plane tickets and hotel stays involved, traditionally the bridal party members still pay for their own attire. It’s considered a classic responsibility of the bridesmaid and groomsmen.

Now, if the bride and groom – or their families – want to help out with some of the cost, that’s okay too! It’s considerate to think ahead and realize that your friends and family members are truly going above and beyond for you. So, if you can help out with some of the travel expenses or have the ensembles be “on you” – do it.

Other Expert Answers

“No one in your bridal party will expect you to pay for their attire. And you don’t have to, but if you have some extra money left in your budget, it would be a very nice gesture. You are already asking them to fork over a lot of dough for airfare, hotel, and other travel expenses. To also ask them to purchase an expensive dress that they’ll only wear once can put a big strain on their budget.

If you can’t afford it, try to go a little easy on their pockets by choosing an inexpensive dress style that they can wear again in the future.” – Destination Wedding Details

“There are no rules about what the couple has to pay for. The couple is not expected to pay for anyone’s airfare or accommodations. However, many couples do offer to cover some of the bridal party’s expenses, such as airfare, hotel or wedding attire. If the couple has a family member or friend that can’t afford the trip but are essential to the wedding, the couple may choose to cover some or all of that person’s travel and accommodation costs.” – Ann’s Bridal Bargains

“Worried about the expenses related to have a bridal party? Don’t stress! It’s appropriate for the bridal party to cover their own attire. You can avoid any pre-wedding drama by making sure bridal party knows costs of their attire up front. This gives them the opportunity to decide whether or not they are okay with your expectations before they decide to play a major role in your big day. Recent trends have the bride covering hair and/or makeup for their bridesmaids, but traditionally, bridesmaids have also covered this cost.” – Honeyfund

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