father of the bride responsibilities

Father of the Bride & Groom To-Do’s

It seems like the dads get a bit of the easy way out in terms of helping to plan (besides dishes out some big bucks to help the entire day run.) In fact, there are plenty of tasks and responsibilities to keep the father of the bride and groom busy during your wedding stress and planning adventure. Sit down and chat with your dads, see what they’re comfortable with financially and in terms of tasks! This entire process can be super stressful, use your family’s helping hand when necessary and appropriate. Now, let’s take a peek at the real to-do’s you can leave up to the father of the bride and the father of the groom!

father of the bride and groom responsibilitiesvia

Father of the Bride

father of the bride responsibilitiesvia

1. Talk finances: Traditionally, the bride’s family pays (or helps pay) for the wedding. Before your bride starts planning her big day, sit down and talk about the budget, let her know what you’ll be able to help out with and go from there!

2. Prepare a speech: And make it a good one. Personally, I think my dad did the perfect job. Before dinner was served at our reception, he welcomed our guests and gave one heck of a knockout, tear-jerking speech. It’s the father of the bride’s job to make this big toast happen, so, be prepared!

3. Tipping time: Once everyone parts from the dance floor, dad needs to stay around to pass out the tips. From the servers to the DJ, it’s traditionally that all the helpers of the day get some type of extra appreciation. Have your envelopes prepared the day before and labeled.

Father of the Groom

father of the groom responsibilitiesvia

1. Ask if help is needed: Financially. Even if you know the bride’s family is taking care of the bill, or even if you can’t help out a whole lot in terms of money, it’s nice enough to ask if any help is needed, even if it’s a smaller part of the planning like the retainer fee for the night’s entertainment.

2. Be Sociable: Whether it’s the engagement party or the receiving line when the ceremony is over, you need to be on your best behavior and help host the big event!

3. Honeymoon help: Another tradition is that the groom’s parents help pay for the couple’s honeymoon. In this day and age, the newlyweds are spending their own money on this big trip, but if able, it’s nice to at least ask or contribute to a little bit especially if the bride’s parents paid for most of the wedding celebration.

4. Plan the rehearsal dinner: Traditionally, the groom’s family plans and pays for the rehearsal dinner, which means that the MOG will take most of the decision making on her plate. As the dad, you’ll also need to have a speech/toast prepared for the big night.