Bridal Party Gifts – Best Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gift Ideas

So you have chosen your bridal party and, after following our previous tips on how to choose a bridal party, you know that they will be there every step of the way during the wedding planning. Chances are, after allowing you to endlessly talk about your wedding at every waking moment, trying on a million dresses in different shades of chartreuse and planning the bridal shower you have absolutely no idea about whatsoever, you may owe your bridesmaids a little something.

groomsmen gift ideas

And the groomsmen will probably have shelled out quite a bit of cash on your bachelor party, tuxedos, gifts, and the whole nine yards.

To show gratitude, it is customary that the bride and groom give back in the form of bridal party gifts, so give them something useful they’ll actually like (not keep in the closet only to be taken out when you come to visit), while not breaking your already fragile piggy bank. Following are some terrific ideas.

Best advice – personalize the gift! You and your spouse-to-be can avoid spending tons of money on useless gifts simply by thinking of each recipient as an individual. Resist the temptation to buy in bulk!

Giving a personalized gift can ensure that the recipient won’t care about the price tag. Does your best man, who has never smoked a day in his life, need a stainless steel engraved cigarette lighter?

Of course not, but maybe he’s a bit of a party guy so a personalized engraved flask could be just the ticket. Or even something as simple as a nice picture frame intended for a picture of you and the recipient enjoying the wedding is a thoughtful keepsake. Consider their hobbies and personalities and you won’t fail.

Top Ideas for Bridal Party Gifts

Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Cigar Paraphernalia
Personalized Beer Mug Leather Travel Kit

Barbecue Gift Items

Business Card Cases

Cuff-links – Hobby, Sport Team, Etc

Popular Useful Groomsmen Gifts

Cheap Groomsmen Gifts

Bridesmaids Gift Ideas

Keepsake Jewelry

Jewelry Roll – Great for Travel!

Pashmina – in your wedding colors! You just can’t have too many of these!

Cosmetic Cases – Personalized.

Wine Carriers

Popular and Useful Bridesmaid’s Gifts

bridesmaid gift ideas

If personalized gifts aren’t your thing, there are many timeless items that everyone in your party will appreciate. For example, cufflinks make a great idea for a  groomsmen gift because at one time or another every man is going to need them for work or special occasions such as weddings (even YOUR wedding, winky wink) and many young men do not own a single pair. The best presents are those that the recipients would love to have but would never buy for themselves. Practicality and timelessness are two ingredients necessary to select a thoughtful attendant gift that no one will put into storage and hide from sight.

groomsmen gift ideas
bridesmaids gifts