Five “Actually Useful” Wedding Gifts You’re Going To Want To Ask For

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If all you can think of including in your list of wedding gifts is ‘vouchers’ or ‘cash’ you’re in some serious need of inspiration. A list of wedding gifts is a great opportunity for you to get things you have always wanted, so why not include them, it may make your special day that bit more special! Here are 5 of the best wedding gift ideas to include in your wedding list.

A New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home and what better a time to give it a facelift. Whether you’re looking to upgrade certain appliances or have an entire new kitchen fitted, there are hundreds of options available. Have a look online and select a fitted kitchen, which you can then input into a wedding registry website so people can contribute towards it. You will also normally get a number of free appliances with fitted kitchens, and they often lead to the biggest increase in your home’s value, so go for this option.

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Honeymoon As A Wedding Gift

If you’re planning on going on a fancy holiday, you could ask for your guests to contribute towards the costs, which make your honeymoon that more special. Have a look at luxury all-inclusive holiday packages at 5 star resorts in locations such as the Maldives, the Seychelles or one of the idyllic islands in the Caribbean.

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Robo Cleaner Wedding Gift

Cleaning is the last thing you want to be doing as a newlywed, so why not hand over the responsibilities over to a robot! These highly intelligent machines can vacuum the entirety of your home (minus the stairs) independently, even putting itself back to its charging dock when it’s done. With the ability to input a cleaning schedule, you can go away on your honeymoon without having to worry about coming back to a dusty home!


Putting items on your wedding list that will come to be a centrepiece of your home is always one of the best wedding gift ideas for a couple to request. So, while some people ask for crockery they will only use on special occasions, use this opportunity to get a fantastic sofa which can provide everyday comfort, tie your living room together, and provide long lasting value. There are hundreds of sofas to choose from but why not ask for a sofa bed so that you can accommodate your  in-laws or friends should they want to visit you in your new home.

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Learning Holiday

If you and your loved one have always wanted to go on a learning holiday but have never had the time or money to afford it, use a wedding registry to pay for it. This is one of the best wedding gifts you can ask for. Whether your wanting to learn to make the most authentic Thai food in Bangkok or learn Spanish for 3 weeks in Costa Rica, there are thousands of fascinating holiday options available.

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