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Our Top Tips for Buying Wedding Gifts

photo credit: Alice Harold via photopin cc
photo credit: Alice Harold via photopin cc

What did we do before gift lists became the savior of every wedding guest stuck for something to buy? That’s right! We took time to consider what the happy couple might actually want and then we bought it. We used our intimate knowledge of the bride and groom to think of a present that they would appreciate and maybe even treasure for years to come.

People Appreciate Necessities

Many people think that household items are boring gifts to buy. The truth is however that most newlyweds really appreciate stuff for their homes. If none of their guests buy them any it simply means they’ll have to do it themselves. Some of the most successful presents we have given are the simple but extremely practical gifts like these. Some people overlook these but they are super handy.

You may not be able to afford large items such as furniture but that’s okay. Don’t be shy about buying smaller items because these are often the things that complete a home and give it a truly personal touch. Think décor: bed linen, cushions, curtains, pictures and rugs. Likewise, cutlery, crockery, glassware and small appliances are also all very worthy wedding gifts.

Useful is Always Good

The newlyweds are about to embark on the first holiday of their married lives, which is surely going to be their most memorable too. That is why gifts that will make their honeymoon more enjoyable or stress free are always a fantastic idea. Luggage sets are a brilliant present that they will not only be able to use for their honeymoon, but also for future holidays to come. You could also get them something relevant to their destination like swimwear if they’re going to be basking in the sun or woolly socks if they’re the kind of adventurous couple who are going for an Arctic adventure.


Another extremely useful gift, which isn’t as banal as giving cash, is the much-loved gift card. Some people don’t like giving them as wedding presents because they lack originality. However, the bride and groom will be much more grateful for a gift card that they can spend at their favourite shop, than you giving them something that they really don’t want or need.

Individual Gifts

Just because they’re a married couple now, it doesn’t mean that you have to get them joint presents. They are really not going to mind if you decide to get them something individual but equally special. It may be that you have overheard the bride on several occasions talking about a set of earrings that she absolutely adores but has never managed to justify buying. Maybe there is an item of clothing that she has lusted after for some time now but the wedding costs have meant that she never treated herself to it.

photo credit: notanartist via photopin cc
photo credit: notanartist via photopin cc

The groom should be thought of in exactly the same way. After all, men also have desires for material objects and spoiling him on his big day should not be frowned upon. One of the most useful, yet considerate gifts for the groom is a watch. A good one like this – Swiss Army watches – will provide him with years of service and he’ll proudly wear it every day.