Getting What You Want. That’s Why Wedding Registry Planning Is Fun.

photo credit: djwhelan via photopin cc
photo credit: djwhelan via photopin cc

Let’s be honest: one of the best things about getting engaged is making a list of things you want people to get you, AKA your wedding registry. It will be one of the few times in your life when everybody is going to ask you what they should get you. Why not take advantage?

Below are six tips to help you maximize the likelihood that you can get all of what you want.

  1. If you and your fiance are truly starting from scratch, it’s best to register at a store that offers a completion package. For example, Bed, Bath, & Beyond actually has two programs. The first is the Start to Finish Incentive program, where if you register for and receive a certain amount of items in a particular line, then you’ll also receive a free gift. If you register for and receive $400 in Wusthof products, you will get a free Wusthof Gourmet 2-Piece set of shears and knife. The second is the Completion program. For the first three months after your wedding date, you’ll get a discount on any remaining items in your registry.
  2. Register for gift cards at your preferred stores. Some of your guests will be indecisive, or they might be afraid of getting you the wrong thing. For some stores, you can use the gift cards for other places. At Williams Sonoma, gift cards are also redeemable at Pottery Barn and West Elm.
  3. Dare to be untraditional. Be honest with yourselves – do you really need another set of sheets? Are you actually going to use the cool-looking Moroccan tagine you registered for, or bring out the fancy china for the sophisticated dinner parties you never throw? There are alternatives to the traditional registry – some people like to set up honeymoon funds via sites like HoneyFund or TravelersJoy. Or, if you’re a do-gooder, you can set up a charity registry with the I Do Foundation.
  4. Make an in-person appointment with the registry consultant at the store of your choice. Department stores often have events like “Sip and Scans”, which offer free and drinks to couples who are registering at their stores. In addition to having fun with the scanning gun, the registry consultant can guide you to the things you actually need, and give you advice on which brand is better, what will fit your lifestyle and budget, etc.
  5. Make sure to pick your gifts across a variety of price points. Have a few big ticket items that family members and friends might want to band together to get you. Include an equal amount of low and mid-price items so that people don’t feel obligated to spend too much.
  6. Include your fiance in the fun. Too often, only one half of the couple is the one to decide on everything – the food, the flowers, the furniture, etc. You both will have to live with the stuff you registered for, for a long time, so why not share the joy of picking out exactly what you want? To make it easier, assign categories – bedding and bath to one person, home decor and kitchenware to another.