Q: What Are Some Last-Minute Wedding Gift Ideas?


Fear not! There’s plenty of great last-minute wedding gift ideas to utilize. A few fantastic ideas include:

  • Towels: Buy towels for the blissed-out couple! Everyone can always use some new towels. Throw in a toothbrush holder or gift card to Bed, Bath, & Beyond and you’re set.
  • Wedding-Related Photo Frame: Put money in the frame to create a fun monetary gift the couple will cherish.
  • Sofa Pillows: Get his-and-her sofa pillows at your local retail superstore–again, everyone can always use more pillows.
  • Jar Gifts: Fill a pretty jar with useful gifts for the happy couple and decorate it as you see fit. Ideas include labeling the jar with the bride and groom’s names and wedding date, tying beautiful ribbon around it, etc.
  • Bathroom Decor: Ask the bride about her bathroom decor preferences if you can and provide the couple with a few key pieces they will enjoy.

Other last-minute (and less creative, but oh well) wedding gift ideas include waffle irons and gift cards. Good luck!