Let’s talk about your wedding expenses…

Nowadays, traditions are no longer respected, and everyone does whatever one pleases. However, there is an important matter, which we would like to discuss with you, this being related to your wedding money. More precisely, we would like to talk about the financial responsibilities that everyone has to assume, i.e. we would like to talk about: who pays for what!

The etiquette and the tradition say that the groom pays for the bride’s bouquet, boutonnieres for groomsmen and for the fathers, and corsages for the mothers. Also, the bride’s family pays for all reception and church flowers, bridesmaid bouquets, and flower girl flower, whereas tradition requires that the groom’s family should pay for the rehearsal dinner.

But, times have changed and nowadays, the newly wed couple pays almost entirely for their wedding ceremony. This is not something shameful, on the contrary, it is something to brag about, because once you have done something on your own, you are allowed to feel proud and good with yourself. Besides, if the parents don’t have enough resources, the bride and groom must pay for their wedding.

Still, if we were to take tradition in consideration, you should know that besides the reception and ceremony costs, the bride’s family pays for the bride’s gown and her accessories, invitations, announcements, programs, favours, photography, transportation and their apparel.

Meanwhile, the groom’s family pays for the rehearsal dinner, including: the food, the entertainment, the invitations, the decorations, and so on. Besides that they will buy their apparel and a wedding gift.

Traditionally, the bride has also her share, because she will have to purchase: the groom’s wedding ring, a gift for him. She will also have to pay for her hairstylist, makeup artist and gifts for her guests, whereas besides the items mentioned in the second paragraph the groom will purchase his bride’s engagement and wedding ring, a gift for his beloved one, wedding favours for his attendants. Not to mention that he will also have to pay for the marriage licence and the honeymoon.

Therefore, you either do it in the traditional way, or if your parents are willing you will split the costs with them. The point is that if you believe you can not afford to pay for all these items, you would better have a small wedding, only with your closest friends and family.