When Is Bride’s Veil lifted?

I am wearing a long Belgian lace veil, drop style. We are having a full Catholic wedding mass – so there will be the liturgy, then the rite of marriage, then communion. When would be the most traditional time to lift the veil? I am also worried I might get a little stage fright with all the guests watching me, so I would like to keep it down as long as possible. When is the latest I can lift the veil? Would it seem strange if I keep it down until we are pronounced man and wife? Thank you for the advise.

Answer 1

Traditionally your father would lift your veil when presenting you to your groom. If you’re worried about stage fright, your back will be to your guests during the ceremony, so they will not be viewing your face, nor will you see them. Besides, I think your groom would feel more comfortable and connected to you if the veil is up and not forming a barrier between you.

Answer 2

There are two schools on the subject. Depending on what you feel most comfortable with, your veil is either lifted when you meet the groom at the altar, or it is lifted for the kiss after the ceremony. However, if you keep the veil down during the entire ceremony, it might look strange to the guests, because it is not very common. Either way you won’t break a rule, so it’s up to you to decide!

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Answer 3

Love that you are wearing the veil to cover your face during the processional!

In early times, the bride wore the veil to hide or protect herself from evil spirits or to conceal her face from the groom because of an arranged marriage. What a surprise that must have been.

In today’s tradition, these are ideas of how you can do this:
…Father lifts the veil when you reach the altar and are handed off to your groom.
…When you are pronounced husband and wife. The groom lifts the veil and kisses his bride.
…When the exchange of vows begin. You hand off your bouquet to maid of honor and then lift your veil.

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Answer 4

Excellent advice from everyone! Spot on.

I would like to add a thought about wearing your veil throughout the entire ceremony…just something for you to ponder: You will be seeing your entire ceremony through the eyes of Belgian lace. Is this how you want to remember your wedding, through lace? Or would you rather look on the face of your groom clearly without anything getting in your way? Brides I have talked to have mentioned this as their reason for choosing to not wear the veil for the entire ceremony – they wanted to SEE everything. They wanted to be able to dab their eyes without messing with their veil. For a full mass with communion, you wouldn’t have to mess with the veil while taking communion and your groom can look on your beautiful face for the entire ceremony instead of through the veil. However, if wearing your veil for the entire ceremony is something you’ve dreamed of doing for your wedding – then DO IT!! But not because you want to “hide.” K?

Just take a few moments and consider that. Put your veil on and practice taking communion and dabbing your eyes. Wear it for an hour and see how you feel. It probably sounds funny, but it will help in your decision. It’s the little things that catch us by surprise on our wedding day. Something we thought would be no problem became one during the wedding day. Some things we can change on the fly – others we can’t. If you decide that your veil is annoying you during your ceremony – you’ve got a long time to wait until it comes off.

Remember – your family and friends are there because they love you. Yes, they are looking at you but only because they’re celebrating with you. They are enjoying watching the two of you become one. They want to see your beautiful face. If you’re afraid of “messing up”, well practice laughing at yourself. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Maybe your officiant can “lighten” things up for you to ease your anxiety and make you feel comfortable.

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Answer 5

Lots of great advice for you here.

Have a chat with your fiance and ask what he feels on the subject. He might find it strange if you wear the veil over your face, or he might find it very moving. Belgian lace is not a sheer fabric, have you tried the veil on to see how the world looks through the veil. If you wear the blusher over your face do it because you want to not to hide.

I think once you arrive at the alter and gaze into your fiance’s eyes you will forget that your friends and family are watching you. The main thing is to enjoy yourselves.

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