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Know the Signs of a Quality Wedding Veil?

wedding veil

It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the signs of a quality wedding veil, since it is an important part of your wedding ensemble. Unfortunately, just because a veil is expensive doesn’t mean that it is high-quality. I have visited couture veil shops that glue veils to combs for a $400 price tag.

A quality veil will not have glue anywhere — not to attach the comb, not to secure pearls, not anywhere. Glues become brittle and yellow over time, and it can happen in a matter of months. If you order your veil well in advance of your wedding or if you plan to keep your veil as an heirloom, it is vital that glue not be used in its construction.

A veil should be hand-gathered, because gathering by hand allows greater precision and control over the final look than if a machine is used. The veil will be gathered more evenly and any fullness will be distributed evenly across the comb.

wedding veil styles
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The retailer should offer a variety of materials and styles. If they don’t stock exactly what you want, then you should look for a shop that does or a shop that accepts custom orders. Bridal veils are made of a wide variety of materials, so don’t limit yourself to bridal illusion. You can even have a veil embroidered with colors to match the embroidery on your dress! It is possible to find the perfect veil, but sometimes it takes persistence.

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If your veil is made of tulle, it should be the softest tulle known as bridal illusion. Bridal illusion drapes better than regular tulle and is softer against your skin. If it feels rough to you, keep shopping. If you want true luxury and a distinctive look, try a veil made of silk. It isn’t as expensive as you might think!

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No matter the veil’s price, good customer service is key. The retailer should respond to emails, letters, or telephone calls quickly. He or she should also be friendly and helpful. You should never feel rushed or pressured — that’s a warning sign that the retailer is more interested in making the sale than making sure you get the veil you truly want.

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The retailer should be willing to put all promises in writing. The best clearly outline all aspects of a transaction in writing without being asked. If he or she says there’s no need or discourages you in any way from asking for the details in writing, don’t do business with them! It’s important to have everything in writing so there’s no misunderstanding later.

wedding veil styles

These are the most common veiling materials:

  • Bridal Illusion – A fine, soft nylon tulle made specifically for veils. Available in many colors, it’s the traditional veiling for brides in the United States.
  • Chiffon – A fine, semi-sheer fabric that drapes beautifully. Available in many colors. Silk chiffon has a softer drapethan polyester chiffon.
  • English Net – Similar to bridal illusion but made of cotton.
  • Silk Gauze – Almost identical to silk chiffon, but it is less than half the weight and thickness. A great compromise for a bride who likes chiffon but wants a blusher.
  • Organza – An opaque fabric with a somewhat stiff body; tends to be slightly iridescent. Available in many colors. Available in silk and polyester.

With these guidelines in mind, you’re sure to find the perfect wedding veil!

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