wedding gift ideas

Top wedding gift ideas

wedding gift ideas

When a member of your family or friendship circle lets you know that they are about to be married it is clearly a time for celebration. But as the date nears for the big event you may be wondering what to get your friend on their special day.

Sometimes couples will create a ‘wishlist’ with a certain store, allowing you to pick them something you know they want or need. Others may simply ask that you give money to their favourite charity or organisation.

But when no details have been given as to what the couple would like, you may find yourself stumped by what the perfect wedding gift could be.

Below are some of the top wedding gift ideas.

For newly co-habiting couples

Although many couples live together for a long time before marrying, this is not always the case.

Whether the pair have been living together for years and have just moved home, or are waiting for the wedding before they move in, there are tonnes of gift ideas for couples who’ve recently moved in together.

Kitchen appliances are always a good choice as all homes need them; think of things like toasters, microwaves, kettles.

Another option to help fill out their new home is to buy them a beautiful chest of drawers or another piece of stylish furniture. If they have the furniture they need, what about a piece of art for their mantelpiece or their coffee tables? Furniture might seem like an expensive gift to give, but it doesn’t have to be. Sainsbury’s does great furniture in classic and contemporary looks, and at prices that don’t threaten your bank balance.

For couples with kids

Many couples who already have children prior to getting married may find it more helpful if your present is focused on their child.

Finding a present for a child is often easier than finding a present for a couple who already have everything they need, or have been living together for a long time.

Toys and games can keep children amused for hours, but if the couple have recently had a small child you may want to think about buying them a pram or a travel cot.

These things are expensive to buy and so if you know the couple well or are feeling especially generous, help them out by buying them something they can really use.

For those who have it all:

If you’re still struggling to think of a present or you feel like you’re present planning for couples who have it all, then there is nothing wrong with giving cash or a voucher in a card.

All newlyweds will appreciate the money, especially after the cost of an expensive wedding.