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Five Rules to Follow For Good Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette

photo credit: wizardofozgurl via photopin cc
photo credit: wizardofozgurl via photopin cc

Five Rules to Follow For Good Wedding Gift Giving Etiquette

Weddings, like graduations, birthdays, and other milestones of life, are happy times that come with rules you should follow to show your appreciation and good manners. Here are some tips to remember when you are invited to a wedding.

5. Get an Invitation, Bring or Send a Gift

If you get invited to a wedding, you should buy the couple a gift, whether or not you are actually able to make it to the ceremony. Sending a gift is a gesture of good will and expressive of hopes they will begin their future together with happiness and abundance.

4. Give Something Practical

Two people getting married are likely getting ready to move into a new home together, so things for their kitchen or living room would be useful and appreciated. Check the gift registry to see what the couple needs, and to check if someone else has already bought it for them, so they won’t have to send an extra back later.

3. Remember the Gift Receipt

You may have chosen a gift you think is perfect for the couple, but despite efforts to maintain an accurate registry, they may receive more than one of that item or similar items. If you include a gift receipt, that gives the couple a chance to return your item if they need to and purchase something else they would like.

2. Be Tasteful

You may have a close and casual friendship with the couple, but remember, their family may be around when they are opening wedding presents. You should not give anything off-color or controversial as a gift, because you wouldn’t want to put the couple in an unintentionally embarrassing situation. “Gag gifts” are more appropriate for bachelor or bachelorette parties, or sometimes bridal showers.

1. Consider the Couple’s Interests

If you want to give a creative gift that isn’t on the wedding registry list, consider what the couple likes. Find out from their family if you’re unsure. They might like cooking: you could buy them spaces in a local cooking class. A thoughtfully arranged gift basket could also be a great gift, or a homemade gift using your own special talents.

It’s The Thought that Counts

No matter what gift you give, it should reflect your best wishes for the couple and gratitude for being invited to share in their special day.


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